Sunday, February 26, 2006

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In some ways I've been on a walk about for years. In 1989, fresh out of grad school, I finally followed my heart's dream of farming. I sold my car, bought a horse, buggy, and plow, and learned to farm. The used set of wheels I happened to get for my buggy, were painted yellow, with bright red hubs. At the time, I was interested in being more "plain". The local Amish began to refer to me as Rob Yellow Wheels... my wheels sticking out from their plain black wheels. I painted my wheels black before taking a 1 1/2 year walk about with my horse Emma and the buggy from Pennsylvania to New York. I ought to have taken Spirit's hint more seriously. After 7 years with my horse, farming a handful of places in PA and NY, I ended up in San Francisco coming out as a gay man. About years there found me evolving into a rather queer shaman, practicing Reiki and shamanic energywork. In 2004, I felt the call to disband my home there and take up the nomadic life once more. In NYC, I met GregO a nomad from HongKong who said, "Most people can't be gypsys because they are too attached to what works for them... and too attached to what doesn't work for them!" I heard the words in my heart and knew it was time to roam the world a bit. The vision was of a wandering mystic. But sometimes I forget my power and lapse into the mundane.


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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Happy New Year From India

Dear Friends,

May this find you full of many heartfelt blessings for 2006!

Love and Light to you from India.

I have been in Asia (Thailand, India, Nepal, and India again) since June 2005. A couple more months before I land in San Francisco for a short period as I continue the life of the wandering wizard.

Sometimes, in fact too often, I feel far more mundane than a wandering wizard. Yet I have had some very rich and vibrant experiences.

My first days were hard as I landed in Bangkok... many fears and stresses got the best of me. I found Bangkok not so easy as I expected... pollution, touts, hustlers. In my first two days I got hustled by a date and taken for an expensive boat ride. I prayed for a travel companion as I wasn't enjoying it alone. That afternoon I met a bloke, new to Reiki, who was intriqued by my SF friend's mission for me to install some "Bethelehem Grid" crystals in Chaing Mai and the Himalaya's to integrate the empowerment of Christ Consciousness around the world's energy ley lines. The crystals took us for some wild adventures.

I can't quite remember my exact prayer for a travel companion, whether it was for a lover or friend or what. But my new friend had prayed for a wacky Tantric master, and our relationship was intense and an un-labelable mix of friends, lovers, tantric dakini/muse, Reiki teacher/student, wacky wizard peers, and travel companion. I taught him Reiki and Erotic Reiki. He taught me about trust and wacky wandering wizardry. And the Bethlehem Grid Crystals took us on a grand adventure, full of shapeshifting, wackiness, a visit from a Spirit Guide who was Glenda the Good Witch (I could never quite grasp the esoteric guides like St. Germain and Christ), and watersports. We had a lot of fun, and nearly became One over the next few weeks as we visited Pai in Thailand, Chaing Mai, Delhi, and Keylong, before visiting Leh. One day he did Reiki on me and shapeshifted into a Kali figure with breasts dripping milk that we both felt!

In Keylong, a Himalayan Mountain village we trekked to a nearby monastery and camped on the hillside at a "tent resort". A tiny stream ran by the kitchen tent and provided the drinking (for the locals) and wash water for the kitchen. One morning it was dirty and we glanced upstream to see a shepherd herding the village cattle. Apparently they had wandered through the water. I had a piece of granite I'd picked up at Rohtang Pass and chanted with during a break on our bus ride into the mountains. Something told me to put this stone in the water and so I followed my intuition. As I laid it in the streambed, I had the thought it might cleanse the water. "Nah, I thought... don't hold such big expectations," and I placed the stone, and turned away without looking at the water. I turned to my tantric friend and he said "hey, did you see that water just cleared up?"

October found me and three friends teaching Reiki in Rishikesh at the request of a yoga swami. He found an amazing Temple/ashram for us to teach in. I became preoccuppied with writing manuals for us to use... I had never written my own Reiki II and III manuals. Swami Omesh asked me to teach his brother Reiki... all three levels because he couldn't be his brother's guru. I soon became "gugu-ji" for Naresh the Cosem, an amazing 17 yo whiz kid who has the strongest Reiki hands I ever felt. When I told him how our thoughts create reality, he said, "Wherever I walk there will be no war." I gasped, realizing such are the thoughts and realities of Buddha's and Christ's. I realized he was a child prodigy and felt comfortable making him a Reiki Master. Strange for me to be someone's guru, something I don't really understand, I found myself overwhelmed with his adorations. One day during Reiki circle, I was the first recipient. I lay down and closed my eyes while the others gave me Reiki. Fred told me Naresh kissed the amulet I gave him, and went into full prostrations before me before doing Reiki on me. And another day, Naresh looked into my eyes and stated, "I love you Guru-ji!" Apparently, in the Hindi culture, the guru is bigger than God because they have lead the disciple to God. And the disciple must pray to their guru before praying to God when they do their prayers. The day I left Rishikesh, Naresh was a sad as if a lover or mother was leaving him. I was touched. I also chuckled to myself since I hadn't "come out" to them and at some point Naresh would discover his guru is a faggot in a culture that is homophobic.

December brought me to the "Third Pole" in a trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. My company was a German friend and his 13 yo dog Eddi, who was always ahead of us wondering why we were so slow! Eddi became famous amongst the trekkers and locals as Everest Eddi. I prayed for you all on top of Kala Patthar, a 5500 m peak that is dwarfed by it's neighboring giants: Everest, Nupste, Lohtse, Pumo Ri.

I finally took a rock climbing class in Kathmandu and faced some of my fears of heights... a cycle of completion that started a few years ago when I happened to use climbing as a parable for intention in life. "Look at where you can go, and where you want to go, not at where you can't go and don't want to go". Sauraha, a village in the Chitwan jungle of Nepal provided a favorite spot where I rode a bicycle around Tharu villages and enjoyed strange flirtations with closeted Nepali men. One showed me around the jungle and had me buy him lunch and a drink. After his drink, he said "you ... me ... first love... this is the best day of my life!" Then the 23 yo father of 2 took me to his wattle and daub mud hut, introduced me to his wife and kids, and said he'd return to my guest house and spend the night with me! I bowed out, not wanting to be a sugar daddy that I'd become, and a bit afraid that I was misinterpreting his "first love" comments.

In January, enroute from Nepal on a boneshaking bus ride where the windows vibrated open every 5 minutes, I met another "tantric straight guy". He asked me how I made the whole room vibrate with my orgasm. I told him it was just the sum total of my intentions... "gee... i don't know... i just do it..." We landed in Varanasi and shared some energywork together. Last week I experienced a little Shiva festival wherein families take their statues of gods/goddesses to the Gange to be blessed in processions of drunken, loud, dancing down the streets. Three bicycle rickshaws... one for the statues, one for the generator for the stereo, and one for the stereo and speakers. One of the most intense experiences of my life as I was immersed in latent "undercover" homosexual energy amongst the men of the family in this family setting; as I sat on a couch with the menfolk, a pushy Uncle who had me feel his biceps and pecs, gave me the secret handshake that means I want to be alone with you.

The attention I receive from men in India is intense... they like my beard a piercings: "very look good", they say. In November at a festival in Varanasi, I sat on the crowded ghats. A man said how nice my bald-shaved head was, asked if he could pet it. For 15 minutes, he pet my head, talked about how he loved girls and music, and three times he asked to kiss it. I sat in a bliss that was held ransome by the staring crowds of Hindis surrounding us. Then he and his friends sauntered off.

One big interesting trip it's been and continues to be!!!

I pray for you and send Reiki out to you all often. I continue to learn that it's important for me/us to ask for what want.... in Varanasi one is constantly barraged by others asking what they want... mainly to sell boatrides, rickshaw rides, silks, etc... And I continually learn to go by my a place working for me? or not? do something... move... move towards the light and passions... fill ourselves up with things that bring light and passion. I continue to see how we create our realities with our thoughts, intentions, and background stories.

The other night, I had a dream in which I began to fly. At first, Spirit gave me a board to fly on. Later I flew on my own. I met others and saw that I could fly in the astral plane, that my spirit could be more than one place at once. And I began to teach others to do so. At one point I was flying with a yellow dinosaur like monster on me... He didn't realize what he was on. I was taking him to safety. Then he looked down and realized he could eat me. I became scared, but beamed him love and shook off his attacks and landed him safely at the top of a cliff over the great chasm. I realized the dream was about unconditional love and transmuting our monsters. And also about our choices in choosing the planes of reality we live on.

May you all learn to fly and be in the most fabulous realities and transmute your monsters safely.

I anticipate being in San Francisco in April - May on on the West Coast into early summer. Please let me know if you would like and distance teachings or sessions, or if you would like to make an in person appointment when I am in your town. Also let me know if you would like to see online photos or blogs. I have some on,, and, and shutterfly....Much love and blessings from the Holy Ganges