Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Breakthrough Thinking

Greetings from Key West where I've been integrating the White Tantic Yoga Retreat I attended on Winter Solstice.

The other day I was reading Deepak Chopra's Perfect Health and learned a term called "Break through Thinking"... which means holding space for far beyond what you think is possible. The term comes from corporate jargon where it is used to hold space for amazing productivity and results so that expectations do not limit production.

I realized that breakthrough thinking is what I've done as a healer. when I first got into Reiki in 1999, I remember working on a roomate who had a headache. I rubbed his head some, but mainly did Reiki. After about 20 minutes, his headache disappeared. I thought to myself, "That throws everything I know about reality upside down. If I can do "virtually nothing" (no physical additives like aspirin or water), and my friend's headache goes away, then what would it take to heal AIDS or cancer? a few hours of Reiki?" The fact that I could feel vibrating energy in my hands and body... sensing the quantum physical basis of this world... and the fact that countless sessions in which I merely laid my hands on people and they physically and emotionally felt better... soon led me to always hold space for instanatneous healing. If someone came in with chronic pain or depression... or any ailment, I held tspace for it to be gone by the end of the session.

I gradually learned that our thoughts navigate us to our perspective of reality. I began to see all the thoughts and therefore attachments we have to our individual realities. I went from the reality of catching colds, to manifesting colds because of metaphysical imbalance, to detosing emotional and physical toxins through my nose, to choosing the reality of having congestion.

I learned that finding the reason for disease is useful to the extent to which it allows us to find a ritual to integrate our intention of healing the disease. But finding a reason for the disease also dictates our healing and sometimes forms an attachment for a disease.

For instance, a stomach/digestion problem might relate to the Third Chakra in one paradigm. So the subject might have to balance their third chakra for their digestion to improve. Sometimes the subject becomes attached to saying "my third chakra is imbalanced". Some would say that we must learn the lessons that our disease is trying to teach us.

I say that that is one reality. To heal, what we have to do is become the reality of being whole and healthy. So we must become the pattern of healthy digestion. If we focus on the goal, not the obstacles, we become healed sooner.

Put another way, the most simple way to heal is to ask ourselves to release the pattern creating the disease and to take on the pattern of health. When we are unified in our thought and belief, it only takes a second, a breath, to go from one reality to the other. But when we are not whole in our belief and thought, we need a more involved ritual... whether that ritual is Reiki, antibiotics, herbs, homeopathics, acupuncture, sexual healing, surgery, etc.

Still others say, we must deal with our karma and past lives. There are countless stories, perspectives, and realities in looking at dis-ease. Marcus Daniels, a gifted healer, once said that basically we can't hand the ecstatic state and we limit ourselves to receiving/vibrating in unconditional love. And I see that often. How often we say, "I'd like to [X], BUT ..." Our stories about Being Here on Earth are similar to our stories about healing: varied. Some people believe they are here to suffer, others to learn, others to evolve.

Our various stories about life and healing give us various realities.

My studies and experience show me more and more that this life is all a dream created by our thoughts and intentions. I've been reading Seth's Eternal Validity of the Soul and find it interesting that Seth says as much. Those that believe in Heaven and Hell get that experience. Those that believe in Good and Evil get it. Seth recommends believing in Good... without it's opposite. I think that is nice! It's all good! [chuckle].

I leave you this blessing:

You incarnated on this earth to have fun in the physical form... and do those things that you can do in the physical form.
You serve others and the universe best by being yourself, your authentic soul.
You lived fully empowered knowing that you and/or your highest spirit choose everything in this life and can unchoose and rechoose it.
Everything in this universe was divine and good, even when you don't understand it.
The Universe supported you in whatever your intentions without judgment or conditions...and everything generally worked out for the best.
Every part of your body and every heart desire was Divine.
The Universe provided everything for you abundantly and unconditionally.
You fully loved and accepted yourself and received love unconditionally with acceptance and compassion and mirrored that towards others.
You were truly forgiven/absolved for all your past in this life and others, and karmically forgiven... that you were allowed to BE right now how you would like to BE.
You were able to observe and laugh at life's challenges and remember your ability to create/cocreate the next moment.
You knew that your reality is a pattern of evergy created through your thoughts/intentions... and all your negative, unconscious, holding-bakc thoughts were relesed that you could be in your heart how you want to BE right now.

You saw, received, mirrored, channeled unconditional love in everything , in each moment, loving what you do, what you eat, who you are unconditionally as projecting that outwards.

You realized that each moment is some how perfect.
You could honor your feelings and also choose them by choosing the best story about this moment, then choosing the next moment.

You had the awareness in each moment to easitly watch your feelings, honor them, see waht reality they caome from, and choose the next moment.

You threw out all the shoulds, have-to's, conditions, and saw only "coulds" in your life.

Everything that came before you was a Divine Blessing.

You were vibrating in unconditional love, joy, and empowerment right now!

Your were completely aligned with your highest spirit right now!

Your body and spirit came to a place of perfect health and balance right now. With Clarity and Inspiration you rode the wave of your Spirit in the maelstrom of life, in wholeness, in Unconditional Love, Joy, Empowerment, Abundance, and Fun!

I bless you with this power right now!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Intention and White Tantra

My time in the US since last March has been challenging. Low self esteem, depression, wondering what I am doing with my life. Falling into scarcity thoughts.

Funny, how I've seen the reality of abundance and easy manifestation yet so easy to fall into that other consciousness.

I spent a few months in SF, then Vermont to land sit at Faerie Camp Destiny, then traipsing around the NorthEast.

Finally I had enough of myself and went to a ceremony and prayed for alignment and joy and clarity. I through out an old intention that no longer worked for me... to follow my passions and trust the universe to support me... because passions are diverse.... part of me wants to stay ... part wants to go... etc.... better to follow the heart passionately, or the intuition, or what glows!

At this Native American ceremony, I worked through judgment and resistance and found myself wondering if any shifts were to happen for me. Finally I fell into Spirit and laying on the floor wondered if anything would happen... in a state half out and half in my body... feeling like I might not get any vision. I yearned for two magical men who in my past had catalyzed me into sublime joyful aligned staes with their presence. But they weren't there. Suddenly it clicked in my mind that I was there, and I could remember the pattern of Being in those ecstatic states. I heaved the depressed energy off of me with a whoop and a cough... once twice three times. And came to my hands and knees laughing, reborn again! The trick now was to remember this.

I prayed for guidance at this ceremony... and Florida came up... specifically the Solstice White Tantric Retreat put on by ... it was amazing. Three days of a ritual intending alignment with ones authentic soul/self... properity and happiness. Stuff is moving. Most every day I fall into the ecstatic state. I catch myself now when I am choosing to be stressed, depressed or despondent. and I shake it off. I am doing chanting and/or kundalini yoga most every day.

I am feeling back to my old fabulous self more and more, with a new twist of course.

I realize that my nomadic path was to shake things up... to learn to keep my center wherever I am. It was easier when I lived in SF... my room... my altar... regular sexual practice to keep the kundalini risen... regular practice of seeing clients to help me remeber.

And yet in some ways I am stronger now. Realizing that I can just catapult myself into the ecstatic state without relying on friends such as my aussie tantric travel mate in Asia... or a regular sexual practice... brings me to a new empowerment... and new stronger place of unconditional love.

I've been writing more about these things and shall post them soon. I am seeing the work I have been doing in new ways.... seeing the similarity between tantra dn the erotic reiki I have developed, etc...

May you be truly Blessed!!!!