Thursday, March 15, 2007

There's Really Only One Thing to Do

So simple, so hard. So simple to remember. To take a breath. To ask yourself to be Present. To channel Unconditional Love. To be completely one with your Spirit and Body and all of your Dimensions. To connect. If you are attuned to Reiki, you simply tune in to the Reiki energy that is all around you.

Then you just follow the flows. Set some intentions. Follow the flows.

The mind wants to chatter. The ego wants to find fear and/or separation. And yet if you just take a moment and ask, it will all shift in a flash.

I've been listening to some Sikh chants that help attune us and clear out our blocks. I got an mp3 player and I listen to them over and over. And I feel them working me, working through me, aligning me. It's just one gimmic, one placebo, to catalyze the Oneness. Breath. Any number of actions from running to yoga, to looking at flowers, to sex, to meditation, to .... could do the same. Allow us to forget our separation and remember our wholeness.

No, it's not about giving up your uniqueness, or your passions, but rather in being whole with them. It's realizing that what you have and what you do may catalyze this state of Being, but they are catalysts, and really all we have to do is Remember to BE.

Yes, there is much unlearning to do with our stories of life. Work must be stressful, such and such must be hard, I only deserve to feel good if.... Conditions. Stories. Myths. Choose better stories. If you are going to work 40 hours a week at something, ask yourself to be relaxed and have fun at it. Why intend and perpetuate a story of stress about something you are intending to do for a large part of your life? Relationships, home, accounts. Ditto. Yes, things may be challenging, and yet if we apply the parable of the optimist and pessimist walking down the same street and having different experiences to the infinite thoughts/prayers/intentions both conscious and unconscious in our lives... we can shift our experience of Life. Attitude is everything.

I look at myself. I have nothing to do really. I mean I am trying to just trust that abundance will flow in all things in my life. I have no bills except a few hundred for a website. I am finding that pretty much clients so up without me working at it... as I have intended. I haven't quite given up on the website/email "advertising" yet. Yet I know that just as I asked for a Reiki student and met one serendipitously on a hike in Rajasthan, so I don't really have to do the computer annoucement self promotion thing. Yet I do. So it takes a little time. I want to and intend a camera. So what do I do. Patterns of perfectionism and lack of trust of salespeople. Instead of walking through life and popping into a store and finding what glows... I fall back into the I have to research and find the perfect cheap camera. Scarcity. Pefectionism. Mistrust. Mental effort. All these stories seep into my way of being. Now there is nothing wrong with any way of Being. There is nothing wrong with consumer research for instance. It is a matter of choosing to Be in a way that brings joy.

It's subtle. Well, sometimes, not so subtle. Several weeks ago I prayed and received Reiki and acupuncture to achieve clarity, courage, flow, action, relaxed trip preparations. And what happened? Well I felt great after the sessions. For the first hours or maybe day or two, I kept myself from the "thinking about" and "poor time management" patterns. Then after a few days, I slipped into computer addictive behaviors, thought and figuring out addictive behaviors... perfectionism, scarcity.

And I realize it's just a matter of constant awareness. I mean I could throw out the computer, and just have all things come to me in my walkabouts. And yet, I like the computer. The email. The ways to distribute information, to keep connected with people. And so it's a matter of going into the process with awareness. Feeling when the vibration drops. Is my thought pattern changing? Is it time to take a break? Is it time to re-prioritize?

It's easy in the sense that we all know joy... right? we all know how it feels to relax? And so we all know when we aren't feeling that. If we would just take a moment to realize... oh, I'm not enjoying this way that I am being. How can I change it?

Oh, it's tricky and yet easy. Both allowing and accepting, and yet some firm intention of how to BE with it all. Like the martial arts master who always saw his opponents as dance partners and greeted the process with a smile. That allowed him some detachment and relaxation that would not have been there if he saw it as a battle. Plus a dance reeks of trust and confidence rather than fear... for when we go to a dance we rather assume we will live!

So I resolve to remember. To try to trust that decisions will be clearly made at the right time. To remember that whatever I do will be Perfect. To be self aware, and change my attitude towards those things I cannot change, and of course to remember what I have the power to change.

And so there is really only one thing for you and for me to do right now... take a breath, Join the Flow. BE Whole. BE One. Connect.

I pray that you are in the Flow right now!

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