Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Nice Surprise: Angelic Wisdom

As I looked through my old journals today, reflecting on recreating my life today, and working on my own Bible... my own Stories of Life, I found this gem that popped into my life in a chat window years ago.

“We need never seek things because they find us. The desert taught me so.”

I asked what about our Will and Intention:

“You communicate your thoughts and wait, and things happen when they should. You speak the language of the Universe. And Listen!”

This AngelicWisdom became one of my best Lovers, though I never saw him again. I often remember the story of how he learned this when he disappeared into the desert with a group of gypsies. One day I hope to experience the desert.

Write The Book of Your Life

For years I have encouraged students to write their own Bible... the book of the code that they choose to live by. This can take many forms. One of my students writes on the walls of his little cottage, covering them with affirmations and intentions. Another fellow I saw had a three ring binder in which he put inspiring handouts, excercises, and stories. Myself, I found one of my favorite methods to be a little rice paper journal that fits into my pocket; in which I write an ongoing affirmation including more lines as I work on new things:

I am empowered;
I make conscious choices in every moment;
I channel Unconditional Love;
Money flows like Reiki to me and through me;
I grow younger, stronger, healthier every day;
I speak my mind; (added when I felt like I was not speaking up in relationships)

For years, I have thought how good it would be to write my own Bible, within it writing all the most powerful, empowering stories of my life... they stories that make me feel good. Stories like the time I was short on rent money, and I took a walk, ended up meeting a Reiki student who paid me then and there for a training the next week. Stories like the time I bought a bike and immediately rode it forty miles to a gathering; as I rode I thought "I wish I had a pair of sandals", and a couple miles later found a new sports sandal just my size in the middle of the road... I found the matching sandal in the knee high grass along the side of the road. Stories like the time I got tired of detoxing my intestines with diarrhea three months after my Reiki III attunement... I put my hands on my belly, it got warm inside, and I was fine. Stories like the time I prayed to see a supportive Universe, where things like water weren't out to hurt us, and a couple years later found myself drinking water from the Ganges at Varanasi with no ill effect. Stories like the time I wanted a laptop, decided I didn't want to deplete my savings, and that I wanted someone to give me a laptop... and the next day a client offered to buy me a laptop.

For several weeks now, I have been thinking how I need to really parse through my intentions and stories of life and get them organized and be more intentional. Last week I met with a friend and the subject came up about creating such books of intentions and bibles for ourselves. Yesterday I was at a healing circle and set some intentions to wake up today and start living the life I would like to live. Today, I found myself reading through old journals and seeing how intentional I was. And then I came upon the first time I mentioned creating my own Bible... and turns out it was this same friend about six years ago! Interesting how life spirals round and round.

tomorrow I am going to get
up and
find my life exactly how I intend
the room will be perfect
i'm going to have a book

j: yay

d: and that book will be the only
my truth
my story
the story I put to my life

Whirling Dervish

A few weeks ago, I stopped in at a fabulous tea house, OmShanTea, on 14th St in San Franncisco. I got to witness a whirling Dervish, Aziz, spin round and round to the accompaniment of a Sufi duo. Awestruck by the balance as the Dervish spun round ten minutes at a time in a space barely big enough for a hip hop dancer, I tangibly felt the energy shift in the room as the Dervish strengthened his connection to God with what can best be described as throat singing chants.

I met some other faerie nomads after the show, and felt glad I had broken out of my hibernation. I talked a few days later with a friend in Canada and he prodded me: what are your passions? what do you want? do you feel supported? I felt supported in the sense that I have friends and family to stay with. But realized I did not feel supported in being my Highest Self... fully empowered in my magic. I set the intention for my social life to change. And now a month later it has. I have been hanging out at OmShanTea... a few weeks ago I met a Reiki friend there and spent the day talking Reiki. A fellow at the bar mentioned, "So far, most of my income has come from the Universe." when I inquired about how he generated coins on his nomadic ways. He said it is typical for him to have an experience such as needing another hundred dollars to pay rent, and someone coming up to him while he sits on his porch and gifting him a hundred dollars. For years I have been trying to choose such a reality of abundance, though I have by no means mastered it. It takes the way of the warrior to be vigilant with every thought, affirming such abundance rather than scarcity. I've spent far too much time pursuing thoughts such as "how much does that cost" rather than "do I feel called to attend/buy that". Certainly on some levels I do live that philosophy, being 44 yo with less than $5000 in assets, wandering about the world attempting to Be Present, rather than to Be a [x].

Over the past few weeks my social life has shifted to more time at the Tea House. The other night, one person pondered his business not being as busy as he would like, and commented that he knew it was within him... whatever was blocking him from abundance. I gave him a blast of Reiki and he beamed grinning from ear to ear. And a bit later a healer from Yunnan noted that he felt a tension or pain in his left temple when ever a particular incense was burned. Then he commented that he knew it was something within him, after all everything is Divine. The same day I met an amazing being, Leeza Edwards (http://lavenderguidance.com) and discovered one of those rare beings whom evades Love by her mere presence. She told of how she had spent a period of years only taking in such stories as Deepak Chopra and Ram Dass... to reprogram her habitual patterns of thinking... or rather to consciously choose and reprogram what thoughts she would habitually pursue.

Several months ago I found myself getting down at myself because I didn't feel like I fit in at social events. I caught myself falling into a pattern of blaming myself, and realized maybe it was just time to change my normal paths of travel. I'm now inspired by the new circles I travel in. I'm now remembering more how I like to Be.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Waking Up and Not Knowing

Today I woke up around 5am, not at all my usual time of late. Buzzing on all levels. My mind raced with insights, visions, inspirations: creating a magic Reiki chair for a local healing collective, traveling the world doing a Reiki/empowerment darshan; new forms of attunements and group healings; new websites; new teachings... My body buzzed with energy and I realized I had been making love with a huge crystal charged with the Bethlehem Grid and gifted to me by a dear friend and colleague. I remembered dreaming and visioning and rolling around with the crystal under my pillow, in my hand, on my body for what seemed like hours.

Then I remembered last night. I had gone to a wonderful meditation class with Michael at Beyond Spa. Meditation had gone well for me, much easier than the first class several months ago. As I write this I remember worrying about how it would go for me as I rushed to class last night, my mind racing with fears of scarcity and the quandries and decisions of website development along with ideas and brainstorms for said websites. More importantly I remember setting the intention to do well at the meditation class. In hindsight, it worked! The meditations went very well for me and I felt calm, collected, and aligned while I did each exercise. After we finished our meditations, we chatted and enjoyed a few slices of cinnamon dusted apples, and water. My mind started to think again as it is too apt to do, and I wondered what of the meditation would stick.

I walked out the door and down the street for a block with a friend before we parted ways. And then I spontaneously found myself running with joy to a fundraising event for The Grateful Mind & Body Health Collective. The event was amazing. I arrived as they were calling in the directions, and I could tangible feel the great power of their magic. I connected with a dear friend and enjoyed the evening, especially seeing the gifted Jason Mraz, whom radiates angelic connection to me. I knew I found the tribe I'd been seeking as I felt my powers of shapeshifting energy come into my consciousness. Powers I've felt before, but not so much lately. Knowing that I could watch these people transform themselves in front of my eyes if I offered my Reiki and energywork choreography to them. It was a powerful night. I felt excited to be alive again.

And so this morning as I enjoyed waking up and realizing how potent my dreams had been as I "slept". Waking up in the "ambrosia hours" of the predawn which are said to be so good for meditation and spiritual connection. Remembering other powerful times when I spontaneously woke up in all my magic in the Ambrosia Hours. I thought to myself, "wow, I guess the meditation class was really powerful for me last night... look what it did... I feel like a new person!". Then I thought, perhaps it was the rituals and magic at the fundraiser? Then I remembered how the past week I'd been working on my own charged website images, and feeling them. And I also discovered the Virtual Baba and Baba Institute, finding their charged websites very powerful. And then there was the Kundalini Yoga Class by Bhagvati Kaur last week. And last night I ran into a spiritual friend of mine who said he prayed for me daily. And I also remembered how I'd been setting intentions for myself all along lately to regain my magic, to be in the tantric state, to realign my practices/life/business.

And so, I don't really know which of these things is responsible for my fabulous state of being this morning. Perhaps all of them. Perhaps some of them. Perhaps one of them. Perhaps none of them. What do I want to believe, I suppose will be the "answer" if there needs to be one. I will likely write the Meditation Teacher, and talk to the others and thank them when I see them.

I often think things work like this. I mean when I do Reiki for someone and six months later see they have changed the way they intended during their Reiki session, I think..."see the Reiki worked". Sometimes it's instantaneous. Sometimes it's a part of a bigger process... in fact really it always is. To me the driving force is the client's intention, along with my intention to manifest people that experience amazing transformations through Reiki. And yet, the important thing is the change. Perhaps to manifest their intended lover, they have to change their job and move. Perhaps, to heal their cancer they have to change their diet and career. We don't always know when we ask for change what that will feel like in the multidimensional grid that defines our way of Being in a moment.


And this morning as I soaked in the hot tub, I thought of another way of not knowing that I have discovered in myself... a way of not knowing that challenges me. And that is the not knowing we find when we try to give up our identity.

For several years, I have tried to just BE ... do what I Will, knowing, trusting the Universe to provide. Follow my heart... follow my passions... follow my intuition... listening, being present... and seeing how that takes me about the world as I work on my higher/broader intentions. I try to refrain from identifying as a Reiki Teacher/practitioner, or escort, or rock climber, or .... any of the other numerous things that I like to do... so that I can listen and Be in the moment. I try to let money come out of the sky rather than having to work for it in a particular way. Not that I am opposed to working for it. Just that I think it would be nice to listen in each moment to see what I am called to do, regardless of thoughts of money, support, and other "logical" restraints. To be able to Listen to see if I am called to walk down this street or that, to see if I am called to teach a particular person Reiki, to see if I am called to climb a particular rock, to see if I am called to be intimate with a particular person.

The challenge here, or one of them, is that I can't, or choose not rely on the pigeon holes that we try to put ourselves in. I try to leave space for making money not by doing Reiki. I try to leave space for not doing Reiki. I try to leave space for myself to do whatever I want or am called to do on a particular day. Obviously you can tell from how I write this, my intention... my reality is not clear... do I do what I want? do I do what I Will? do I follow my heart? do I follow my intuition? what if my intuition calls me to do something I don't think I want to do? That's a good one... one that has caught me more than a few times the past few years. There is no right and wrong, as I could define my reality however I choose. I try to remember to Be the reality that I do what I want (meaning what's in my heart), unless I don't know what I want to do, in which case I follow my intuition. And I tap into my ituition by following what glows. For instance a few years ago on the Big Island of Hawaii, it neared my planned departure date. But I was having a great time, and wondered if I really wanted to leave. I checked in, and found that I "felt" like it was time to go. Part of it is allowing ourselves to be Unconditional Loving wherever we are, and then going from one magical place to another... rather than creating dramas. At any rate, I left the Big Island, thankful for what I'd done there, knowing I could return, grieving briefly for the momentary transition, and embracing the next stop in Trust.

Lately my intuition has called me repeatedly to Ladakh, India. I don't know why. And sometimes I fight with my intuition. I mean India is no San Francisco. And for the queer guy that I am, San Francisco is one of the few places I feel that I fit in beyond the petty judgments of others. In India, I rarely feel like I fit in or am at home in that sense. Not that I don't feel at home wherever I am, but that well... there are a lot of levels to that. And it takes a lot of something to spend months in a culture where you never really know what is going on... where you are outside of most all of your own cultural norms.

Back to not knowing now. What I wanted to get at is that I find myself pondering every option because I don't try to maintain an identity. A few days ago I met a guy looking for people to work on a project manufacturing jet fuel from algae. It's exciting. Suddenly I found myself pondering staying in San Francisco to work on the project. Last night, I found myself pondering staying in San Francisco to work with the new healing collective. The meditation teacher talked of his experiences teaching monks English in Laos, and I pondered whether I might teach English to monks. Now if I were adamant in pigeon holing myself, like most of us are, I would have my identity as a Reiki Teacher, and just stick with that, and have blinders up to all the other opportunities. But because I am not attached to a particular livelyhood, I am constantly trying to figure out what the option/opportunity is for me in the moment.

The answer lays in feelings and meditation. To get myself so grounded in my awareness and knowingness. It reminds me of several years ago at the White Tantric Solstice Retreat in Florida, a teacher said he learned to find guidance when he was in a "high meditative/spiritual state"... then stick to whatever that guidance was until he was in another similar state of being that produced a different direction. That was his method for overcoming the petty fears, attachments, and distractions of the mind. That way, he would act out of trust and spiritual guidance, rather than acting out of fear. That's why we try to bring the meditative state into our "mundane" lives rather than isolating ourselves in caves forever.

This morning I realize, that the most excited I feel is when I get "amped up" into going to Ladakh once again this summer. I don't know why I feel called to go there. Certainly I like mountains and trekking, but there are easier places for that. Certainly, it's not the easiest place to go. And yet, the vibration for that idea of going there is much higher and more exciting than when I ponder the numerous other options that come across my path. And the road I shall try to walk is to head in that direction, yet always stopping to listen... Listen for redirection. Sometimes our Spirit baits us to get us prepared for something else. Sometimes the Universe changes. Perhaps I head to Ladakh to get "sidetracked" into some true calling when I pass through Bangkok.

Ahh... the fun of not knowing!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Self Service Distance Reiki

Beautiful Ones!

I am excited to offer a new service: Self Service Distance Reiki Sessions. I've organized a series of Reiki sessions/transmissions that you can receive whenever you like, where ever you like. Whether that means a five minute blast of Reiki while you are at work, a 60 minute session later while you are in the comfort of your own bed, or perhaps while you are meditating on a mountain top. I've put together a collection of specific energy transmissions for specific goals, such as Clarity, Inner Peace, Physical Healing, Erotic Energy, etc. Or you can also order a custom blend of every thing to adapt to what is just right for you. You can order a 5 min, 20 min, 30 min, or 60 min. session, or a package of multiple or unlimited sessions for a week or lifetime. You can also incorporate your own specific intentions into a session. You can also gather a group together to receive a group healing at one time...a great way to share and economize!

All sessions channel Unconditional Love, Joy, Empowerment, Abundance, and Enlightenment, to help you align with your Authentic Self/Highest Spirit, both balancing and activating your Kundalini to bring you to your Oneness. All sessions communicate with you psychicly/telepathically bring your guidance from your Highest Spirit, spoken in the Language of the Universe.

Self Service Reiki sessions provide the same quality energy work that I deliver in person or via distance, except you can order the session exactly when and where you need it. No need to contact me to schedule the sessions. No need to inform me of your intentions. Simply make a payment via your bank, credit card, or paypal account, and choose when and where for yourself that you would like to receive your session(s).

Self Service Reiki sessions are very affordable starting at only $5! Payment plans are available for packages costing $100 or more. Unlimited Packages also include free email/phone consultation(s) for metaphysical counseling and intention guidance.

I'm offering an Introductory Special until the end of May. Purchase any session and receive a free upgrade to the next level of service. Simply select a package and pay for it by midnight on May 31, 2009, and you will automatically receive a free upgrade.

Full Details at: http://dhamiboo.com/SelfServReiki.html

Coming soon, I will have family/household/couple options, as well as sessions for plants, pets, and businesses. I will also be offering stone/crystal/sacred object cleansing and charging services, as well as a service to charge a special chair, massage table, or room with Reiki energies.

And, finally, I am still in San Francisco and available for in person sessions there. I'm still hoping to head to S.E. Asia and follow my Spirit's beck and call to Ladakh this summer, but have not received guidance upon exactly when that will occur. Make an appointment soon if you hope to see me before I leave San Francisco.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Harvesting the Times of the Changing Economy

This is an inspirational post I sent to a non-profit that I work with that has been going through challenging budget cuts, layoffs, and restructuring. I thought it might be useful to you all. It's very important now to focus on our own personal alignment with our truths, for any inconsistencies are getting tested. In order to maintain inner peace, it is important to look for opportunity. Yes, things are changing... and we have creativity to find new solutions. Look for your creativity. Look for the open doors, build new doorways, find your resilience. Expand your intentions. Regroup them. What opportunity do you have to grow?

We are merely witnessing examples of major impermanence. It's nothing new historically. We not only have a large historical wisdom to tap into to see how our ancestors dealt with change, but we also have new wisdom and technologies. Look for your role models... how do you want to go through these times? we can't change the Present, but we can change our reaction to it, and choose how we co-create the next moment.


Just sending you all a blast of Reiki distance energy for you to receive right now wherever you are, or in the comfort of your own home whenever you like, that you know, feel, and trust you are connected to the Divine Grid of Life, in spite of the change and impermanence that abounds. Know that "this too, shall pass". Know that somehow every thing is perfect, though it may seem very awry. Know that you are Divinely Appreciated and loved Unconditionally... forget the should-a, would-a, could-a's. We all have been doing our best. Let's focus on co-creating the next moment, rather than shackling ourselves to judgments. or the past. Let's Be Here Now and focus on what we can do to create our next moments, individually, and collectively, for ourselves, our community, the world.

Let's transmute the difficult challenges and changes in the Present into a Gift and an opportunity to harvest our experiences. Let's focus on the opportunity it affords us, rather than bitterness and blame from unrequited expectations of ourselves or others or the universe. As we take the blessing of this momentary pause, change, and transformation from the "normal business as usual", let's focus on the gift of the time to reflect upon what has truly been working for each of us, for our livelyhood, and for the community that we serve. Let's take time to reflect on our personal intentions and how the overlap with those of our business and our community. Let's take time to reflect on the goals and intentions of our business and see how they best serve our community. Let's harvest the hard lessons of what has not worked well along with what has worked well. Let's reflect on our past services and practices and how they have served or not served us and our community. Let's use this time constructively to improve ourselves, our business, and our community. Let's focus on supporting ourselves and each other in our highest dreams/intentions. Let's focus on re-designing ourselves and our business to reflect our insights, while we have the time to do so.

Part of what the current era/times are about is really getting Ourselves aligned with our passions and highest Spirit. Continuing to do what really hasn't been aligned with our personal Truths and Passions, is no longer going to work. Our inconsistencies with ourselves, individually and collectively, are currently being magnified so that we can see them and take care of them and really move into ways of Being that are True to Ourselves.

Let's pray for our Abundance and Enlightenment all around, and set our sights on our brightest dreams and goals.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Intention Management

I try to subscribe to the reality that the Universe unconditionally supports us in our intentions, gives us something better, and/or only our best intentions get heard.

The challenge then becomes keeping track of our intentions, so that we see what we manifest. And, also, given that in quantum reality form follows thought, being aware of what reality we anchor to in a given moment.

Perhaps we have been trying to get together with a friend for months and on the day of our appointment, he calls to say he can't make it. If we anchor into our thought of "oh, we are never going to get together", we might prematurely give up, and not look for or see when we can get together. Suppose it just doesn't work out. We then have the opportunity to anchor to a reality of disappointment... maybe getting down on ourselves for not having enough friends, etc... or we might think, "the Universe provide just who I need to be with at the right time", and trust that it just wasn't the right time to get together with the particular friend.

Another complication with intentions is that we ask for something, then forget we asked for it, or exactly what we asked for. We ask for a quiet weekend at home, then in the middle of the quiet weekend wonder why our friends aren't calling us. Once I asked for a travel companion to get me from Thailand to the Himalayan region of Ladakh in India. I almost asked for a "boyfriend", but then modified my request to a good lover. I also had intentions for learning better how to shift reality. A few hours later I met a bi Aussie guy who was looking for a tantric teacher. My experience with erotic Reiki formed enough of a basis for our intentions to overlap. Really, he was more than I could asked for as far as a companion, lover, friend, peer, student, and teacher. He helped me navigate my first travel in India. We enjoyed many crazy mystical experiences together. We definitely channeled some very heightened Tantric states. Our relationship started to crumble a bit when we got to Ladakh. The overlap of our intentions began to disintegrate as we found we had different interests. I wanted to trek and was interested in a group of wandering clowns, wizards, magicians. He was less interested in trekking, was overwhelmed with the tantric states we were achieving, and more interested in hanging out with other travelers. We tried to stick it out and picked up some other traveling companions. But the new situations weren't really meeting my intentions or desires. Our new group was attached to me, as was he. In hindsight, had I remembered my intentions and had the courage to stick with them, I would have realized it was time for us to part in Ladakh. I had asked for a quasi-lover to get me to Ladakh... and that part went smoothly. I had intentions for trekking that weren't getting met with the new group in the present. I made the conscious choice to stay with them in hopes that the mystical states would continue, mistakenly thinking that those states were dependent on my traveling mate.

My view of connections with people is very unconditional and here and now. I tend to have explosive (in a good way connections) where a lot of magic is exchanged and once that is completed, a separation until we have something to share/exchange together again. I see my life as a giant flow of Reiki... like a Reiki session on a grand scale. Just as in Reiki I may touch someones knee for a while, then move my hands to channel Reiki to their feet or head, in my life I touch a person for a while and then move on, to come back later, or not. It's all good, to highest good, Divine, and efficient. My new traveling companions and quasi lover were quite attached to the idea of keeping me along. The Aussie Bloke occasionally writes and asks if I am going to come visit him. When I feel a pull of energy, a sense that our intentions are overlapping again, then I shall. But as intense and wonderful as the time we shared together was, I know better than to try to force it or expect it again.

In hindsight, which is always 20/20, I see how had I kept better track of my intentions I might have made different choices and created different experiences. More importantly, had I remembered my intentions, I might have spared myself some suffering. That's not to say I didn't have some marvelous experiences, or that what I did end up doing wasn't perfect in it's own way... just that I might have made it easier on myself.

Now, more than ever, it is important to keep track of your intentions, be clear in what you ask for, because things are moving fast now. It is a time of great cleansing and healing transformation upon the Earth. Muddled thoughts and intentions are getting thrown into our faces.

Remember that no matter what you can always tap into Unconditional Love and Joy, even when it seems you are not getting what you want or asked for... then re-hone your intentions, and ask again. Navigate through your intentions with grace and perspective. Maybe you ask for a job that fits a variety of constraints/intentions, and get your eyes set on a particular job. It is fine to set your intention for that particular job. But if the job doesn't work out, it is important to relax your intention to that of manifesting the right job for you... and trust that if that job had been the right one, you would have gotten it. At the same time, it is important to make sure you are not blocking your self from the job with counter thoughts, such as not being good enough, etc. "Above" the job intention, might be the intention to channel a certain amount of money, housing, food, etc. And, "above" that is loving yourself unconditionally, choosing to tap into Unconditional Joy regardless of your job, etc.

I urge you to create a book... the book that will be your Truth. The credos that you live by. The things that inspire you. The stories of your life that have brought you the greatest joy. And also a record of your current intentions, so that you can see what you manifest, and modify your intentions as needed. A book of things you are grateful for is also useful, as is a book of affirmations, reflecting the current patterns you are incorporating into your way of Being.

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lama Mission in the Mission

I walked briskly on my mission, towards yoga class. I wondered if I was really eating enough...maybe that's why the negative emotions seem to suffocate me. The large quartz crystal, charged with the Bethlehem Grid, lay heavy on my thigh in my pocket. I rounded the corner to see Giselle in the crosswalk. I hadn't seen her in years, and probably hadn't talked to her in a decade. I'd met Giselle when we both volunteered at a food pantry where we portioned out grocery's into packets for the needy. Giselle had introduced me to Louise Hay, saying the text wasn't worth much, but the tables of disease and their metaphysical causes was something. I thought Louise Hay's whole book, You Can Heal Your Life, was something amazing indeed and it formed a major inspiration in my own transformations. I was trying to heal my knees at the time, and that path led me into becoming a healer.

Giselle dodged the car in the crosswalk, and came towards me carrying a heavy stack of books. She said, “Hey where have you been, I haven't seen you for a long time?”. At least that's what I thought she said. I replied, “I've been out of town... I've been nomadic for five years.” She came closer and said, “Hey, are you a Lama? Can you see colors in my aura?”. I smiled, “No, I'm not much of a seer like that.” She seemed disappointed, but quipped, “Can you do things? Do you have techniques?”. Frankly, now, I was quite surprised and at a loss for words. And I was kind of thinking maybe she was just a crazy street person or something. Giselle had seemed a bit on that edge, though I wasn't even sure if this was Giselle. Before I could tell her I had a few tricks up my sleeve, she said, “Hey, do you want me to teach you some things?” “Nah,” I said, “I'm going to yoga.” And she backed into a post then stumbled into a falafel shop with her load of heavy books in her hands. I quickened my pace on auto pilot towards yoga class, not wanting to be late.

I chuckled at the magic of the moment. I thought of the crystal in my pocket and the mythic times I'd had with other such crystals. I wondered if that was really Giselle, or just someone that looked similar. She was heavier than I remembered Giselle. I prayed for her. Prayed that I could channel the Lama for her via distance. I felt a charge of energy course through me... not sure whether it was her magic triggering me... or the fact that I was sending energy back towards her... trying to channel the Lama for her. I thought of my vision of myself of a dusty traveler, shaman, who's presence catalyzed journey's into the mystic. It's one of those visions that is like a dream I glimpse from time to time. Not really anything I've intended, but just this faint image that skirts through my consciousness just often enough to think there's some substance to it... that maybe that's who I'm to someday be. Not that I have any real idea how to be it, nor even if it's really what I want to be it. But I wonder if its my destiny creeping up on me.

I felt better than I had all day. During Yoga it came to me, that I had to not let myself be stuck in my emotions. Pray, intend, do Reiki, keep at it. Don't give into the the reality of destitution. Spend the last dollar and intend, trust, pray, that more will come. Get to that point where I can laugh when I'm out of money... take the fear away.. the charge... then the reality can shift. If you can't laugh at it, your likely still to attached for things to shift.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Abundance Short and Sweet

True abundance is channeling money, lovers, food, etc like Reiki...knowing that it is unlimited and all around you. Just as the Universe supports you in Reiki, it supports you in all your physical needs.

What is that reality of abundance like? I mean when I do Reiki, I do not give it a thought, I just start doing in, completely knowing and trusting the infinite energy of Reiki is there to be channeled for highest good.

But, hmmm...., when I channel money, how often do I look at price, wonder whether I really need what money can by, etc... as opposed to just doing what I am called to do and what is right in my heart. These are the lessons to learn... the things to work on, or play with.

It's all in layers. On the big scale, relative to the common culture in the US, I have jumped off the security train into the abyss of Trust. 44yo, no insurance, a couple of thousand dollars of assets, no paycheck, no home, no plan except to follow my Highest Spirit. On the small scale, I worry a lot... the price of a meal, do I really need that mp3 player, or new backpack. It's difficult... or rather in the past it has been difficult for me to really integrate Abundance thinking/Being into the minutae of life.

I've rather tried to quit being anything particular... like a Reiki practitioner per se. Rather than advertising, I try to let clients/students show up. Rather than focusing on building a Reiki practice, I try to remain open to what opportunities come up... perhaps it's Reiki, perhaps its being an auction clerk, perhaps a day laborer, perhaps a stock trader, perhaps.... well, you get the idea. Rather than being attached to tit for tat earning money, I try to be open to giving my service away and perhaps finding money under a rock while walking in the woods. I'm trying to remove all the judgements/labels/identities that can shackle us away from True Presence. At the same time, sometimes I struggle because I want to know who I am... to have a plan and a purpose. It's hard to roam about the US without the cultural norm of having some intellectual concept of a career or grander purpose in life. In other cultures, people just live. They don't have the social mental construct of being grandiose.

A few years ago, I brought my abundance story into reality when I discovered the day before rent was due, that I was $200 short. Panic tried to creep in. I had the good sense to meditate or do Reiki on myself. I parsed through my options: call my parents and admit I'd screwed up; call regular clients and work harder; post an ad for an immediate Reiki class and admit I hadn't advertised enough; and somehow what resonated was to go for a walk and trust that do what I will, the Universe would provide. So I went for a walk. Nothing happened. I started to head home, a bit dismayed. I heard a cyclist yelling at a car, and turned to find a friend and Reiki student of mine. He was returning home from paying his rent in cash. He inquired about learning Reiki II, and thought he'd like a private training the next week. He paid me in advance, right there! The next day, a payment for a distance Reiki session arrived in the mail. I made my rent! And by consciously choosing my action, I chose the reality of Do What You Will, The Universe Provides.

Now if I could remember that and integrate that into all my decisions, I would truly feel my abundance! I'm growing in it. Sometimes I do just get something, not wanting to look around for a bargain price. It varies. I'm more apt to do that when I have "ample" money in the bank. And I also acknowledge that abundance can be worked by finding the free and low cost things. In one sense, that I have traveled the world the past 5 years on $5-15/day is a testimony to abundance. That I have often limited myself to only food and shelter, rather than activities that cost money, is a sign of scarcity... that I don't hold a grander vision for myself, a sign of scarcity.

It's easy times now, though it appears very challenging. Hold on to your intentions, Dear Ones. I have been praying for Reiki clients/students as that is my preferred income source at present. Plus I do love to teach Reiki. It's good for me. Within a week I had four students nibbling. I looked happily towards both the teaching and the income. I taught the one student and got paid. The second one, said he didn't have the money, but I received clear guidance to teach him anyway. The third one was a dear friend whom I'd offered a Reiki session to for his birthday gift. The fourth one picked a day and time, we went through with it, an amazing experience, then she didn't pay me... she'd gotten her first level when I offered Reiki I for free online a couple years ago... and apparently assuumed that Reiki II was the same deal. I debated my options... hoping that perhaps she'd forgotton to pay me and would remember the next day. I realized I'd assumed she'd read my website and knew the deal when she asked about getting Level II. Now, what to do? I wondered if perhaps my vision about giving Reiki for free to the other guy, was really about her. I thought of delicate ways to bring up the issue. I cursed the Universe for making things difficult. My financial life this winter was already depressing enough. I cursed the Universe for letting me be in America where elders and teachers aren't respected and given offerings for their teachings. I thought of all the free sessions I'd given without much more than a thanks. I wondered why am I not rewarded for my "work"... is it not valued? Is my magic not truly working. Of course, it is working, I've had quite a few testimonies in recent weeks from clients/students from the past. I checked in with my guides about whether to seek money or trade from the non-paying student. And the guides said "no". I haven't laughed about it yet, but larger grows the leap of faith I need to see how I am going to be supported for my anticipated trip to India this summer. It's so ludicrous, I'm beginning to trust it more. This winter has been a series of financial follies. The things I've sought to do most for money have faltered and fallen through in touch and go committments. What money I made, I managed to loose most of as I tried to play the stock market and build some longer term security. The only thing to do now is trust the Universe, and the funny thing is I'm doing it.

A week or so ago I set the intention to be more in the "tantric" state I was in on my first trip to India. The other night I manifested a fabulous lover and in the aftershocks of orgasmic bliss, between whispering how beautiful I was, if you can imagine that... he asked my age... 44, he said is the year of mastery. And I realized, of course, that is why it's been a difficult year. Only a Master can hold onto the rudder to keep to Abundance and Unconditional Love through the eye of the storm of world economic realignment. I claim nothing yet, as the year is not over. But I have hope. And I am regaining my center and groundedness in more pleasant realities as opposed to the dismal shores I've dabbled in the past months. And so as we go through our challenges, all the more reason to take a deep breath and remember our power. The few hours with my lover, the power of the orgasm, did more to align me and ground me in my highest path than hours and weeks of meditation, yoga, and the like... but that's another story in itself.

Enough words. Money. Love. Food. Shelter... all flow like Reiki. Look at Peace Pilgrim for inspiration. Look at Hunga Dunga (a book by Phil Polizatto).

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Potentially Dissapearing

I've been working hard on my abundance/scarcity issues. Part of what seems to be coming up for me is that "I must be empty in order to receive." Along with giving up physical possessions, I am considering giving up my "internet possessions" ... meaning I feel some calling to deleting this blog because I feel a calling to do so, and I'm not sure it is really serving others, or myself for that matter.

I seem to be finding in my abundance explorations that either my highest Spirit is bent on me liquidating my financial wealth... or my own scarcity stories are doing so... I've gone from $4500 (which is nearly my yearly cost of living, and was really enough that i could follow my intuition off to Ladakh with "reasonable comfort"... meaning enough to eat and sleep and not too much more for the rest of the year) to about $2000 in the past 3 months.

I am considering that perhaps Spirit wants me to really trust and travel to asia with barely enough for a return ticket. Or considering that Spirit does not want me to go to Asia... though I suppose it might be easier if Spirit just told my intuition to stay here and not go to Asia rather than to dissolve my assets.

Its interesting to watch myself delve inward and shut myself off more and more the more I lose money. Its interesting to watch myself freeze, waiting for income, rather than to keep moving and doing what needs to be done if I am to travel.

I've always said true abundance is giving away your rent money the day before rent is due because you feel called to, and knowing trusting that the day rent is due, your rent money will appear.

So perhaps that means getting my one way ticket to Asia, trusting the money to live on will come, and trusting the money for the return ticket will come.

Perhaps I ought to have defined true abundance as having a bank account full of ten thousand dollars! hehe. Not sure why I choose the toughest/easiest realities to attempt to live.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Energetic Shunt for Medications

This is a free distance Reiki session to install an energetic shunt in your energyfield so that your body assimilates what works for you and lets any negative side effects/toxins turn into the light.

To receive the blessing, simply gaze at the image, or simply set the intention to receive the energywork at your convenience.

Drink plenty of water to help lubricate the changes!


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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Soul Empowerment Blessing: Physical Health

May all cells of your body vibrate in Light, Unconditional Love, and Joy!

May all patterns of dis-ease instantly release and transmute into the Light.

May all your cells take on the pattern of perfect health in form, function, strength, and vitality.

(to receive this Reiki energy blessing, simply gaze at the charged image, or just set the intention to receive it and lay down in a meditative state.)

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Lazy Physicians and Lazy Shoulders

I was doing Reiki at the clinic the other night. And a new client came in. She'd been diagnosed with "lazy shoulder". It's one of those wonderful Western medicine diagnoses which offers the patient no hope and no explanation. The doctor had told her that people sometimes get "lazy shoulders" as they grow older. The result is that they can't lift their arms out to their sides very far.

This is why I hate Western Medicine. It's not that I'm opposed to Western Medicine, or even that I think Western Medicine has nothing to offer. If John of God weren't around, I as soon go to a hospital for a broken bone or other acute physical injury. What I hate about Western Medicine is it's scientific ego... the ego that gives doctors the gall to give a diagnosis when they have no idea about what's going on with the illness and no real idea how to cure an illness. What gives them the right to put a curse on a patient?

I remember my first encounter with such things when my horse had bumps on her shoulder. The vet diagnosed them as "fibroids" and said there was nothing to be done. I looked up fibroids in the dictionary and it said, "small lumps of unknown origin".

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't know what "lazy shoulder" is either. And I didn't know exactly what was causing my client's inability to lift her arm up fully. Well, I knew is was some "pattern" of energy that she was Being, that was causing it. I also new that diagnosis wasn't as important as setting the intention for the next moment to contain a different reality. That is to say the important thing is prayer, hope, and holding space for change. Had her doctor done that, instead of pretending her world was limited to his knowledge base, he might have sent her to physical rehabilitation, yoga, or simply said, "I don't have the answer for you, look elsewhere." But instead the doctor cursed her to a life of reduced mobility.

I offered hope, I offered Reiki. One of the things I love about Reiki is that it isn't limited by diagnoses and figuring things out. It's never inappropriate to channel "Unconditional Love" for goodness sake.

I asked my client to ask her body and spirit to release the pattern creating the "lazy shoulder" and in place of that pattern to take on the pattern of perfect alignment, strength, flexibility, and mobility. I channeled some Reiki for her, and checked in. Her arm wasn't any better. So I said let's take another pass at it, and I reaffirmed her intention, and reaffirmed my own intentions for success, asking to let go of anything blocking such success. I checked in again and was thankful that my client could now lift her arm higher than before. She had set her intention and she had found ways to heal herself in front of my eyes.

Sometimes I love my "job"... watching people heal themselves in front of my eyes!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Vigilant Times

We really need to be vigilant in the stories we tell ourselves and the vision we hold for ourselves right now.

The world is in a time of great transformation as we rebalance ourselves into economic stability, equanimity, and sustainability.

The times are more and more of pure consciousness such that what you think is what you get. So that we are rebalancing ourselves globally on all levels.

Be Powerful.
Be Courageous.
Talk your highest talk well,
and walk your talk!

May you be blissfull,
May you feel your beauty,
May you be abundant,
May you Be your highest Spirit!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Year's Blessing: Keeping Your Vision

Happy New Year! May you be truly blessed in 2009!

For years I have promoted the importance of intention, of looking for where you want to go and can go, rather than where you don't want to go and can't go. I've oft employed the analogy of rock climbing. Managing intentions is a practical day to day skill. Not long ago I came across a practical example of intention management that is relevant in current times.

I have worked with a local non-profit clinic for nearly a decade. A few weeks ago, news of city budget cuts hit the clinic. The proposed budget cut could potentially remove about 40% of the clinic's operating budget. For many non-profit directors, this could be taken as a cue for closing the doors or severely reducing services. When I heard the news, I even fell into thinking perhaps this might mean an end of the clinic, if not a significant reduction in services.

Yet, instead of contracting and giving into a vision of failure, the executive director proposed plans for an expansion in services. She had reviewed the budget and found several years of ideas and plans that had been sitting on the wayside, sidetracked in the process of consensus. A range of potential revenues included tapping into state health care programs as well as simply asking for donations or sliding scale payment at time of service. Over the years, the demographic of clinic participants shifted towards free care for primarily homeless peoples. And yet there is a broader range of potential participants, many of whom could pay for service and might be interested in appointment based services rather than drop-in services. It's clear that the number of people who could use the clinic's services will certainly not diminish in the coming year. Perhaps the new model for the clinic will result in great income than the limited city funding. Now have no way of knowing how the decisions and new plans will pan out. But verily I tell you, if the director decided to cut back, or close, it would result in a reduction or elimination of services. Clearly the director was focusing on where she wants to go, rather than where she doesn't want to go. Meanwhile she also worked at asking the city not to violate their contract with the clinic.

This is the power of vision, and of intention. This illustrates great awareness in what background beliefs we surrender to... or choose not to surrender to.

Tales of scarcity abound in the collective consciousness. And yet if we transmute the stories, we can find great empowerment. Take energy. Allegedly last summer we were using oil as fast as it could be pumped out of the ground. Perhaps there is a limited amount of oil that can be mined from the earth. One way to transmute that is by doing meditation and prayer to shift to a reality of magical, unlimited supply, for if we indeed are in a world of consciousness, perhaps our Newtonian consciousness has been limiting us. Another way is by conservation, to look at how much we can do with what we have. The number of bicyclist commuters increased drastically in the last year. Another way to play with it, is to relax our intentions from oil supply to "energy supply". The USA is the Saudi Arabia of wind energy, so I have heard. If all the exercise treadmills in the gyms were hooked up to generate electricity, think how much we could produce. When I reflect on my travels about the world and look at people living simply, I realize how much excess we have in the USA. Think how much energy we could conserve by turning off all the appliances that run needlessly in the background...all the redundant clocks on the microwaves, dvd players, and computers. Or take the example of money. Even in a depression, there is still money flowing, it's just a matter of tapping into the flow. If everyone relaxed and gave a little bit, proportional to what they had, we could easily grease the economic wheels. We could also "relax" our view of economy to look at the wealth of homes, food, and community that we have; the money economy is more speculation than hard tangible reality. It's not as if there are fewer homes or fewer squash plants out there. If we look at what we call the basics in life: food, shelter, friends, family, and health, the current economic speculations have little to say, in an absolute sense. It's not as if there are less homes or food out there. Because of the games we play with money, there certainly are and may continue to be problems of flow and allocation. The more we fear, the more we inhibit the flow. But the more we exhibit generosity, the more we will stabilize our communities. The more of us that choose to embody the vision of abundance, the more we will live in that reality.

Just as personal illness metaphysically implies a time for personal change and transformation, a global "crisis" is a wake up call to look at what is out of alignment globally. It is a time to recreate, rebuild, and regenerate ourselves and paradigms. Metaphysically, the collapse of the World Trade Centers marked a change in corporate world trade. It is now time to rebuild world trade in a healthy manner. Global economy reflects our global consciousness around how we manage our households individually and collectively. We are going through growing pains as a world culture and world economy. It is a time to pray and be Unconditional Love, Joy, Abundance, and Empowerment and to pray, Be, and live a sustainable abundant economy.

And so my New Year's wish for you is that you courageously hold your highest visions well, that you Be sustainable economically in the highest sense of the word, rich in friends, family, food, and shelter, and, as always that you are blessed in Unconditional Love, Joy, Abundance, Empowerment, with a healthy dash of Fun as you experience the joys of the physical form.

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DhamiBoo RTurnbull

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