Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Whirling Dervish

A few weeks ago, I stopped in at a fabulous tea house, OmShanTea, on 14th St in San Franncisco. I got to witness a whirling Dervish, Aziz, spin round and round to the accompaniment of a Sufi duo. Awestruck by the balance as the Dervish spun round ten minutes at a time in a space barely big enough for a hip hop dancer, I tangibly felt the energy shift in the room as the Dervish strengthened his connection to God with what can best be described as throat singing chants.

I met some other faerie nomads after the show, and felt glad I had broken out of my hibernation. I talked a few days later with a friend in Canada and he prodded me: what are your passions? what do you want? do you feel supported? I felt supported in the sense that I have friends and family to stay with. But realized I did not feel supported in being my Highest Self... fully empowered in my magic. I set the intention for my social life to change. And now a month later it has. I have been hanging out at OmShanTea... a few weeks ago I met a Reiki friend there and spent the day talking Reiki. A fellow at the bar mentioned, "So far, most of my income has come from the Universe." when I inquired about how he generated coins on his nomadic ways. He said it is typical for him to have an experience such as needing another hundred dollars to pay rent, and someone coming up to him while he sits on his porch and gifting him a hundred dollars. For years I have been trying to choose such a reality of abundance, though I have by no means mastered it. It takes the way of the warrior to be vigilant with every thought, affirming such abundance rather than scarcity. I've spent far too much time pursuing thoughts such as "how much does that cost" rather than "do I feel called to attend/buy that". Certainly on some levels I do live that philosophy, being 44 yo with less than $5000 in assets, wandering about the world attempting to Be Present, rather than to Be a [x].

Over the past few weeks my social life has shifted to more time at the Tea House. The other night, one person pondered his business not being as busy as he would like, and commented that he knew it was within him... whatever was blocking him from abundance. I gave him a blast of Reiki and he beamed grinning from ear to ear. And a bit later a healer from Yunnan noted that he felt a tension or pain in his left temple when ever a particular incense was burned. Then he commented that he knew it was something within him, after all everything is Divine. The same day I met an amazing being, Leeza Edwards (http://lavenderguidance.com) and discovered one of those rare beings whom evades Love by her mere presence. She told of how she had spent a period of years only taking in such stories as Deepak Chopra and Ram Dass... to reprogram her habitual patterns of thinking... or rather to consciously choose and reprogram what thoughts she would habitually pursue.

Several months ago I found myself getting down at myself because I didn't feel like I fit in at social events. I caught myself falling into a pattern of blaming myself, and realized maybe it was just time to change my normal paths of travel. I'm now inspired by the new circles I travel in. I'm now remembering more how I like to Be.

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