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Soul Empowerment Transmission: Reconnecting with Your Highest Spirit: 29 July 2007

Live from Bodhgaya, Bihar, India!

On Sunday, 29 July, 2007, I will be offering a special distance blessing, an energywork session gifted to you via distance. The session will help you reconnect, and strengthen your connection with your Highest Spirit (Soul). The transmission of energy and light work will be from 8am to 10am in your local time zone (energy travels through both time and space). To participate, all you need to do is set the intention to receive, and remain in a meditative state for 2 hours. During this time you may be aware of energy moving within your body and aura. Blocks and clutter in your highest path will disappear. You will feel connected with your authentic self (aka Highest Spirit aka Soul).

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Each of us has a unique and divine Highest Spirit (Soul) which has chosen to incarnate in our individual physical bodies to learn, grow, and play in the physical realm. Its like a great stage play where our spirit explore and play out different scenarios. I like to believe it’s about having fun in they ways we can have fun in the physical form. We choose to be people to do the things people can do. Maybe next time, we try being a tree, butterfly, or just a Spirit in the ethers.
Our Spirits choose all the details of our life: our family, our sex and gender, our shape and appearance, and all of our experiences. This is seeing the world from an “empowerment paradigm”, in which we are not victims on any level. The advantage of this paradigm is that it gives us the power to choose differently in the future. If we are victims, then we are stuck and hopeless. By seeing reality this way, we can harvest our challenges and transcend them.

We cannot help but be connected to our Soul and Highest Spirit (I use these terms interchangeably). And because we are are always forgiven, we are never off our path. And yet there are ways we can feel and BE more connected, and there are paths we can take that are more joyful and true to ourselves. Apparent disconnections occur because of attachment, lack of presence, thoughts and actions that do not honor our heart, conflicting intentions, and ego based fears. These disconnections affect how we perceive our choices in life and the extent to which we feel good about ourselves and our life choices.

Some of our choices feel more conscious than others. This occurs for several reasons. One is that sometimes our Highest Spirit knows better than our small self. One is that sometimes we lack awareness of our Spirit because our minds are too busy and not fully present. And lastly, because we have too many intentions, thoughts, and counter intentions.

In Quantum Theory, consciousness affects reality. We all know the differences in experiences between an optimist and a pessimist walking down the same street. The complication to this example is that we each have multiple thoughts, beliefs, and intentions overlapping.

For example, perhaps I want more money, think that there is such a thing as too much money, believe I waste money, think that there is a scarcity of money such that if I have more, someone will have less, and think that it takes hard work to get money. The Universe, God, and Goddess will support all of those intentions, because the Universe is non judgmental and unconditionally loving in it’s support. What I will end up with is a bit of a mess. I will get money, waste it, feel guilty for having it, and never see easy ways to get money. Next throw in some other intentions, such as a home, boyfriend, and time to travel. You can see that it will be hard to be aware of what is happening.

These are the challenges of a quantum reality. Life becomes complicated because we are not clear in our intentions, and we have so many intentions and beliefs. There is really never any separation between us and our Spirit, but there is separation in our awareness. And we make choices that are not true to our individual spirits… our authentic self. We see someone else having fun and we try to do what they do. We should never try to be anyone other than ourselves or please anyone other than ourselves, because other people are better at being who they are than we can ever be, and they are responsible for their own happiness. Happiness comes from within, not without. It is attitude, not circumstance. I have seen workers making gravel from stones with a hammer in the outdoors in India. Some are happy. Some are miserable. And I have seen office workers living a life of relative luxury. Some are happy and some are miserable.

I am not saying we should not help others or do things that might make others happy, but rather that the best way to do this is authentically from our own heart. In the words of a yogi I met at Winter Solstice: the best we can do is to serve others, and the best way to serve others is by being our self. Joy is contagious.

And so though Spirit is always there, we sometimes create separations. We do things because we should rather than out of our heart. We do things we do not really feel good and authentic about. Spirit does not care or judge. But we care and judge. Spirit knows that life and soul and spirit are eternal. The physical form and reality always changes. Spirit does not care, nor worry about injury, death, decay. Change and death are the only constants in this world.

I remember one of my friends worrying about erosion on her farm. Her husband said, “You cannot stop erosion!” The Earth is going to change. The sharp mountains will erode into gentle hills. The Earth does not care… that is her way… to change, to age, to mellow. But we care. We are attached to our hillside and creekbed and clear water.

More importantly, we care because we know the congruity of our thoughts and actions and the incongruity. We know when we cling to a relationship or marriage that is no longer in good heart. We know when we cheat somebody because of fear or scarcity. And we choose to not forgive ourselves or others by clinging to some past event. Spirit forgives unconditionally. Spirit is ready to let the rapist try a different choice, to find love or pleasure out of mutual consent. Spirit is ready to let us recreate our marriage in a way that brings us pleasure. It is our small selves, our fearful egos that cling to holding onto past judgments.

It is all internal. If I believe sex is good, and I have lots of sex, then all is good. If I believe sex is shameful and have lots of sex, then I create disharmony in my self. One of my lovers said once that we could never be boyfriends because we have too much sex. I thought, “we can never be boyfriends because you think there is such a thing as too much sex!” To digress a little, it is all about attitude and being Present and in your Heart. It may be perfect and divine to have sex several times a day for weeks, months, even years. But one day it may be time to do something else. And the key is to listen and be present and change your habits at that time.

The more connected, aware, and integrated in our thoughts and beliefs and actions we are, the more peace we have. And we will more clearly see manifestation in our lives. This is the gift of spiritual practices, religions, meditations, yogas, and martial arts… the training of the mind. Karate masters spend years training the mind to believe and see only the reality that their hand chops a piece of wood in half. (Of course many religions and movements have ulterior motives such as their own power or continued existence.)

Throughout life we forget our path, we dishonor ourselves, we get confused. This creates disharmony in our minds and emotions, and can create disease and illness. Illness and disease are merely our physical forms way of showing us that something is out of balance in our life. When we are totally relaxed and in a place of unconditional love and joy, there can be no pain, no tension, no disease.

Life goes on and we become attached to our disharmonies. We don’t like our work, but we are attached to our coworkers, or paycheck. We fear change. We live in scarcity and think there is not another joy, home, way of being for ourselves. We forget that the world is unlimited in abundant potential.

Sometimes we just get confused. We have liked rock climbing, then we prayed for fluidity in life and suddenly feel drawn to surfing. We resist change and newness. Or maybe we prayed for a lover, and little do we know our lover is waiting by the movie house instead of the rock crag.
Our spirit knows. Our intuition is there to guide us. But we must be Present and attentive to Listen and Follow our Spirit. Ideally we are always aware and connected to our Highest Spirit and also to this physical reality: we are One in all Dimensions simultaneously.

And so you can see that it is helpful to reconnect your awareness to your Highest Spirit. To regain that awareness and feel that connection, you can do many things… mainly just being Present and doing what makes your heart sing… but yoga, Reiki, various healing modalities, spiritual and religious ceremonies, etc. are useful tools.

Not to be confusing, but even saying that you are ever in a state of disconnectedness from your Soul or Highest Spirit is a bit false. You and Spirit are always there. It is really your sense and awareness of connection we are talking about. You can never do anything wrong because you are always forgiven. But you can do things that feel better or worse. The purpose of this session is to help you feel Your Connection and Be Authentic to your True Highest Self.

I am offering this special Distance Blessing so that you may feel connected with your Highest Spirit and feel connected to Your Path. The stronger you are in your connection and the more your thoughts, choices, and actions are in alignment with your Authentic Self, the easier your life will feel, the more healing you will experience. Blocks, confusions, experiences of dis-ease in your life will disappear. Your Spirit knows.

I will be offering follow up sessions to help you maintain and remember your connection. Following sessions will also focus on specific aspects of your Life and Awareness.

What will happen during the session?

I will send Reiki and healing energies based in Unconditional Love, Joy, Abundance, and Empowerment to reconnect you strongly to your Highest Spirit, with complete awareness, understanding about who and what you are in this life. You will feel a heat start to flow in you navel in your tanden (below the navel near the generative organs) that spreads throughout your body and into your aura as blocks and clutter and “negative” energies in your energy grid and life pattern are removed. You will feel your awareness strongly in your body alternating with an awareness of being further and further out of your body until you feel awareness of your Highest Spirit, and then the Source (God, Goddess, consciousness of the Spirit beyond all which creates all, which “moves moves”). You may also feel other energetic and physical changes in your body as the realignment occurs. You may have visions of things your are releasing, or of things you need to do in your life. You will feel great relaxation, joy, and love.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Soul Empowerment Transmissions: A Series of Distance Blessings

Soul Empowerment: Transmitting Blessings via Distance

Beginning July 29,2007, I will be offering the gift of a series of Soul Empowerment Blessings, Transmitted to you and others via distance. Each Blessing consists of specific energywork and lightwork to help you strengthen your connection to your Highest Spirit (Soul) with blessings of Unconditional Love, Joy, Empowerment, Abundance, and Fun!

The sessions are based on principles of Reiki and each person receiving the Blessings will receive according to their own intention and Highest Good. The sessions are offered as a gift to you and whoever wishes to receive them. Each session is dedicated to helping you feel connected to your Authentic Self and Highest Spirit and be more Empowered in your Life. Each session also has a particular focus to help you improve particular aspects of your Life. You may participate in whichever sessions call to you.

To participate, you merely have to set the intention to receive the Blessing, and be in a meditative state. Each Transmission will occur on a Sunday from 8am-10am in your local time zone. Spend two hours in a meditative state during this time, and then tap into the energy again whenever you need to. It is good to focus on the intention of the session during the week as well. The Blessings are permanent; the organization into weekly transmissions is merely for ease of focus and awareness.

If you feel called to, you may email me at to let me know your are participating, and also share your experiences of the sessions. If you find this transmission and website helpful, please leave a donation for DhamiBoo so you can enjoy the spirit of giving too (; or you can arrange another method of donation.

Details at


Series I:

July 29, 2007: Soul Reconnection
The session will help you reconnect, and strengthen your connection and alignment with your Highest Spirit (Soul).

August 05, 2007: Calling Your Spirit Back
This session will help you achieve a true state of forgiveness and release the Past experiences to which you lose power.

August 12, 2007: Unconditional Love and Joy
This session will align you to the ecstatic awareness of Unconditional Love and Joy in your life.

August 19, 2007: Soul Empowerment
This session will align you and your Spirit to the Empowerment Paradigm so that you you can find your power in the Present and see the Perfection of your Past. It will erase victimhood and blame from your life.

August 26, 2007: Spiritual Health
This session is devoted to helping you find your true health spiritually. It will help your Spirit heal issues on the spiritual level.Spiritual dis-ease is created when our Spirits or Souls cling to truths that no longer serve them. This session will bless your Spirit with Unconditional Love, Joy, Empowerment, Abundance, and Fun!

Future Sessions (dates to be announced):

Series II:
Fun and Ease
Emotional Health

Series III:
Physical Health
World Series:
Earth Healing
World Peace
Booster Series:
Getting in Your Groove
Reiki Series:
Reiki I Training
Reiki II Training
Erotic Reiki I Training

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Judgment and the Taxi Driver

Transmuting judgment can be difficult. Taking responsibility for creating your life can also be difficult. Put the two together, and it takes the slyness of the fox, and the courage of the lion.

I had just arrived in Kolkata's International Airport, befriended a Czech woman, Martina. Together we set off to make our way to the city and lodging. We decided to hail a cab. We forgot the advice of a local gent who said to make sure the taxi used a meter. We hired a cab for 150 rs. As we pulled away from the curb, our driver made gestures and laughed with his friends, the other cabbies standing outside the cab. I picked up on his finger gestures and realized he was going to pull the trick of pretending he didn't understand that we met 150rs for the two of us, as opposed to 150rs each. We enjoyed a harrowing ride through the mayhem of Kolkata traffic, swerving between vehicles in spaces that seemed too small, nearly sideswiping richshaws, and even having a fender bender with another taxi.

When we go to our destination, we got out our wallets to pay. Sure enough, the cabbie tried to get 150rs each from us. We didn't have change and he held 200rs and wanted 100rs more. I was stuck in my judgment of the cabbie... another cheater taking advantage of tourists and language barriers. Martina fared better. She held the space for the cabbie to be honest. She said, "Come on, you know what is right... be honest. You know we agreed to 150rs for the two of us. Don't have bad karma. Give us our 50rs change." It took a few moments, and some repeating, and assertiveness. And the cabbie gave us our 50rs change.

In reflecting on this experience, I realize how often I hold the judgment of people to cheat me, and allow them to because I give into the judgment and don't hold space for their honesty.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Trading Stones

As on my last trip to S.E. Asia, my good friend Tanya Corona ( sent a couple of crystals charged with "the Bethlehem Grid" (Christ empowerment consciousness). The crystals are used to anchor this healing grid along the energetic ley lines of the Earth. They also have healing affects on those who carry them.

I meditate with them and ask where they would like to go. On my 2005 trip to Thailand and India, they led me and my Austrailian friend on some wacky adventures in Chiang Mai and Ladakh. This time, my experiences have been more mellow.

In Thailand on Kho Pha Ngan, I met a beautiful man named Yai. When I showed them the crytals, he couldn't keep away from them, and he lay holding them for hours enjoying their energy. I knew the Thailand crystal was for him and traded it with him for two sandy colored quartz stones he'd found locally.

During my travels I also pick up stones that call to me and often have a collection of six to twelve, knowing they are just passing through me to work their magic. In June I attended a Buddhist Prayer Retreat led by a young Rinpoche from Dali Monastery near Darjeeling. The retreat was at the Sherpa Gompa, a local temple in Darjeeling. I sat with my crystals while the local participants sat with their prayer beads. Martina, a Czech woman and practicing Buddhist whom I'd met in Kolkata was participating in the multiday retreat and had invited me to check it out.

I offered somewhat comical relief to the monks and Rinpoche presiding over the ceremony. Not being familiar with protocal I relied on Martina for guidance. The local attendees were mainly elderly women, who also tried to guide me. I joined in for two days and was often confused by the schedule. We had a break one morning and I asked when we'd start again, and I was told at 1 pm. I ran some errands and came back around 10am to find things in full ceremony. Martina told me I had missed out on the part where everyone gives offerings of money to the Rinpoche. A local woman plopped a kata (silk scarf used to give and receive blessings) with 10 rupees in front of me and waved me towards the Rinpoche. I pantomined to Martina if it was a good time to take the offering to the Rinpoche now? She motioned me to wait, then said I should give an offering to the two lamas who also were helping lead. I only had a 100 rupee note and a 50 rupee note in my pocket and Martina said go... go now. So I did my best to bow appropriately and give the scarfs and offerings, except I was thrown off because the third lama was not in the room. I did my best, then sat down to receive Martina's scolding that I should give all the monks (there were about 10 present) offerings. So I went out to make change, and came back and prepared to finish my offerings. Now Martina told me that I must always give an offering to the Rinpoche first. I was a bit flabberghasted, because I considered this a continuation of my first round, not a new round. But I went ahead and started with the Rinpoche again. When I gave him another 10 rupee note, he said to me "Why are you giving so much?" I shrugged my shoulders and finished my rounds. One of the monks asked what I was giving him money for as well. When I sat down I realized I ought to have just followed my heart which was content with the 10 rupees each I had given to each of the participants the day before. The Rinpoche and monks weren't worried about my protocol or offerings or lack of offerings. Just my friend Martina and the elderly women were worried about it!

About mid way through the ceremony, I felt myself in telepathic conversation with the Rinpoche. It was as if I were downloading my life story, my experiences and how I do my healing work. As the ceremony wrapped up I found myself in an ecstatic state with the whole world vibrating. I thought others might be in this state as well, but no one seemed to be. I chatted with the Rinpoche and monks during a break. I carried a stone from Thailand in my pocket, one that I had picked up in Krabi. It felt appropriate to the ceremony. When the ceremony finished, Martina and I went to Dali Monastery where the monks and Rinpoche resided. It was quite a ride with 9 of us crammed into the jeep. We picked up one monk along the way and he ran and jumped on the back in full monk robes!

I spent a couple of nights in the monastery. An interesting experience to be in a 300 monk all male culture. The day I was leaving I saw the Rinpoche and a group of monks in a jeep ready to leave for Pemayangtse Monastery in Sikkim. I passed them twice in the driveway as I wandered outside the monastery. I shook their hands and thanked them. The stone from Thailand sat in my pocket, fully charged. I had intuitively picked it up in the morning when I left my room. It was later that it dawned on me I needed to give the stone to the Rinpoche. So I wrapped it in red cloth and left it with monk to pass on to the Rinpoche.

A few weeks later, I groggily prepared to go to a friends village. He'd invited me to visit his family with him. As I decided what to take for a day, one of the stone's from Yai in Thailand felt like it needed to go with me. I put it in my pocket. I left my room. Then returned and picked up my ceremonial face paint for some reason. I was in a bad mood. Wondering why I was going with my friend. Low on sleep. Frustrated with myself over transactions of the night before. Later that day we sat in the parlor of a family that was dear to my local friend. The family had a son, who "wasn't quite right in the head", but he worked his magic well. He worked clown magic, and had a way of making people present with his words and actions. He might not have been "normal", but it was clear to me he channeled God well. His mother had a glow about her and though the family's English lacked, we communicated through my friend a bit. The woman went to the other room and brought me a stone... a Vishnu stone and gifted it to me. Then I knew the stone from Thailand in my pocket was meant for her and I gifted it to her. Not to be outdone and clearly wanted to honor her guest, she presented me with another stone, a white stone the shape of an egg. It was from Bodhgaya where Buddha became enlightened. She said if one had stomach pain, you could take the stone and put it in water, then drink the water and the pain would go away.

A little later, a girl came around with Tika paint.. the ceremonial paint Hindu's put on the third eye. She painted everyone in the room. Then I knew that I was to bless them with my ceremonial paint as well and they all readily accepted.

That day on the way home I lingered in the mystical energy state for some time.

My friend told me yesterday that he is going to see Sai Baba in a few weeks. He met a fellow Sai Baba devottee yesterday who asked him why he wasn't going. When he said he had no money, the fellow gifted him 3000rs so that he could make the trip!

Another stone is sitting with a young monk in Saanga Choling Monastery, Pelling, West Sikkim.

A collection is waiting in my room, waiting for the next adventure.

When I remember to carry one in my pocket and put my hand in and feel it, I always have a good day!

Fire The Grid

A friend of mine forwarded this link to me and it feels very powerful... check it out!!!

On this coming Tuesday, 07/17/07 at 7:11am EST, there will be a collective intention/prayer/meditation which will "Fire the Grid," helping to promote harmony on earth. Details and the story behind this event can be found on the Fire the Grid website listed below. The YouTube videos show the woman who manifested this event telling her amazing story and how the event came to be. This event will be powerful.
Fire the Grid Website:

Disillusionment and Disney Expectations

When I started travelling 3 years ago and first imagined travelling abroad and visiting mystical cultures, I thought I would be in a mystical space with people in other cultures. I thought I would walk into a Buddhist Temple and the monks and I would vibrate in the realms of Spirit together. Or I might walk into a village that worshiped some mystical religion and we would all vibrate in Reiki like energy and experience the world in some "altered state". Psychic experiences would be commonplace.

Since July 2004, I have wandered all over the United States (mainland and Hawaii) and spent extensive time in India, Thailand, Nepal, and Laos. My mystical experiences have been relatively few and far between during this time. Although many Westerners travel to the Far East on Spiritual Quests, I have experienced equally profound experiences in both the East and West.

In February 2006, I was in Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, and a German fellow who frequently visits India remarked, "America is a very spiritual country!" At first I resisted his comment, but then as we talked I realized that in someways the United States is on spiritual forefronts. The U.S. has experienced material wealth, and is now coming back to spirituality. Well, not all of the U.S.... but certainly many people are realizing that money and material things are not to be whorshipped, and are coming into a new way of spirituality.

Part of the new age we are in, is to bring spirituality into the world. Rather than being spiritual and separate in monasteries, the current learning is about how to be spiritually connected and in the world with family, community, and material things. It is about healing the former separtion between spirit and living in the world. It is about seeing all of this as Divine and living Divinely within it. It is always we who create separation with our judgments. And so the time now is about finding Oneness in Our world with all of our desires, things, society.

And now I find myself back in the East because my Spirit, my intuition, called me here. Last month I was at Wang Lung Ceremony offered by Yangthang Rinpoche at Pemyangtse Monastery in Pelling, West Sikkim, India. I sat down and immediately felt a strong and good energy from the Rinpoche. I felt myself in a space I have felt before during such times as receiving Reiki, giving Reiki, recieving acupuncture, during orgasm, participating in Native American ceremonies, participating in Radical Faerie rituals, etc. I think of this space as "touching the face of God", "being ecstatic", "being in the space of Unconditional Love", among other terms. I felt good.

The "puja" (ceremony) continued on for several hours and I grew tired of sitting on the floor. So I went outside. I struck up conversation with a monk who said that sitting on the floor was hard for those of us not in regular practice. He asked how I like the ceremony. I told him how I a felt a very powerful energy from the Rinpoche. The monk replied that I am lucky to be able to feel such things. Most people and monks cannot feel such energy! That is when it dawned on me that I had Disney expectations of being amidst people in various cultures that were always in a mystical state of energy awareness.

The Lesson is that I need to be in the State of Awareness that I would like to be in, and bring that into wherever I go. Like most of Life, it is about me and you... individuals... vibrating in our own highest Light and taking that Light wherever we go. If we are individually in a place of Joy, then we are achieving at least one point of Joy in the world and others will see, join, or not join according to their choice.

If I am in that "mystical state" that I desired to find in the world, then perhaps I will find others, but in the meantime, I will be how I am desiring to BE.

Wheels of Life--Chakras

In January, I happened across a copy of Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith and some things she wrote about the first three chakras differed some from other sources and resonated with me.

First Chakra: Feeling supported. Committment.

Second Chakra: celibacy sometimes is a path, but only if heartfelt, not if forced. The belief in a scarcity of ejaculate, and promotion of non-ejaculatory orgasm stems from cultures eating a lean vegetarian diet.

Third Chakra: balance of Divine Will with Desire.

Check out her book if you get a chance.