Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Astral Travel or is it asstral?

For weeks I have attempted to meet one of my lovers through astral travel. He has tried to come here. We have tried to meet on the astral plane with the intention of having sex in the astral plane. All with limited success... well... limited in the sense that it's easy to have expectations of experiencing astral travel and visitations as the most vivid dreams possible... or even to expect them to be as visceral as what we consider reality.

The first time we tried, my friend "saw" me offering my life to him as a book. My experience was simply a feeling of sexual excitement, and the thought that perhaps it was my friend. When he told me of his experience of seeing my give him the book of my life, I thought of my belief that through orgasm together, partners exchange spiritual gifts and wisdom in the flash of an instant. How an orgasm can catalyze great healing and changes. For several days after every time my friend lay down to sleep and astral travel, he felt a glow of unconditional love and joy pervade his body. In the following weeks, it became apparent that I was to teach and attune him to Reiki. In fact, when he read my Reiki manual, he realized that that was the book he had seen in his "dream". Through the weeks our experiences in astral travel seemed more like subtle thoughts, feelings, and dreams.

Then last week, I had the sense during the day that I was participating in spirit... from afar... with a erotic ritual taking place several hundred miles away. An event I wished to be at in person, but was called instead to be with family.

I went to sleep and in the middle of the night, I had a dream. I was in a sports field of some sort. There was a "team" of girls planting some marble like things in the field. I also had a collection of white objects that I dumped from a cloth, drawstring bag. The objects were white and the size of marbles mostly with a few the size of ping pong balls. I'm not sure what they were made of. Looking back, I'd say they were polished stones. But in the dream, I remember being concerned about polluting the ground with them... or littering the ground. I was to bury them just under the sod. They were sacred. It was some sort of ritual.

I set upon my hands and knees. I felt the loving hands of a man push me down flat upon my stomach. I felt comforted as my unseen lover embraced me and lay down on top of me. I awoke from my dream and felt the same strong sense of being pushed down and embraced. It was a strong feeling. More than just a sense or awareness. It felt nearly real. My lover entered me. We made love. The feelings became less visceral. My mind tried to identify my lover. Was he from the erotic ritual? Was he my friend that I'd been trying to connect with on the astral plane for weeks? Perhaps, both? Astral dimensions allow several realities to happen concurrently. I haven't checked in with either parties yet.

I am so grateful to have such a visceral experience. I prayed to have my power of vision strengthened and my astral awareness increased. It is happening!

God Needs a Little Help... from a dream...

Last week I dreamed I was flying amongst the trees. Flying dreams always exhilarate me. I zoomed around. I found some friends on the ground and showed them how to fly with me. We soared the blue skies amongst the clouds and landed in the high branches of a tree. My friends giggled with delight at their new found sport. Meanwhile I stopped, and became overcome with fear, gripping the branch with my back towards the ground. I looked over my shoulder at the long distance to the ground. I shook with fear. Next thing I knew, I heard God speaking to me, saying "even God needs a little help. I can't do it all."

I knew that it was up to me to let go of the branch and fly. To let go and trust. I had to make a choice. I had to be clear in my mind.

And so it is with life. Only we can decide how we are going to see the world and thereby choose our reality. Are we going to be optimists or pessimists? Are we going to frame our current condition in scarcity or abundance?

Months ago I heard of a family whose house burned in a fire. A week after, the Mother of the family wrote in an email how it was such a wonderful opportunity... the house that had burned hadn't really been suiting them, and their new home was going to be much more appropriate. She was helping God by consciously choosing how she was going to interpret her reality.

I look at my own life. I've been drifting a lot the last couple of years. Surrendering a lot. Making less and less choices, leaving it "up to God" or rather "my highest Spirit". And yet at the same time I have spent a lot of time in worry, or second guessing. If I am going to surrender, I need to remember to affirm that there is perfection in what I am being given. I could also be more deliberate, and more intentional, in taking a firm hand in co-creation. I could even balance the two extremes and do one way in one situation and a different in another. But I need to remember my choice. I need to frame my reality. It does no good to surrender to "God" then "blame" myself or "God" when things don't work out the way I expected.

So, remember that "God" needs help. If you are trusting in God's will, then remember to remind yourself that there is perfection, and be grateful for your experiences. If you are being more intentional, remember that you are an "arm of God" in your Will... trust in that perfection. As your worries, concerns, and "monkey mind" thoughts arise, remember what reality you are choosing... reframe those thoughts. Re-affirm your chosen reality.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Thin Line to Empowerment and Unconditional Love

The days turn into weeks as I live a life of seva in the Butternut Valley of NY. Mundane, terribly mundane, and yet the mystical is there most daily as I pick up the slack left by my deceased Uncle in visiting my Aunt who lays quite debilitated by Alzheimers in a nursing home.

Most every day that I drive the rolling hills to town to see my Dear Aunt, I am struck by subtle visions of power animals and the like. It's hard seeing her and the nursing home full of people that seem to be suffering... or rather seem to be lacking in enjoyment of their incarnation on life. It's easiest when I can be in a place of Unconditional Love and Empowerment, trusting that they have choices spiritually... that their existence is Divine in spite of the seeming suffering that my ego perceives.

It's hard for me to remember the reality of Empowerment. I find myself oft in judgment rather than acceptance and non-attachment, though I do have my breakthroughs. It's best when I remember to channel Reiki. One day I sat with my Aunt and happened to think to hold my stone from Ghandi Tal against her gnarled hand. This is the stone that vibrated me out of the reality of cold symptoms and knee pain into remembering that I could indeed shift my energy field and reality into one of health and full function of my knees. As I held the stone against her hand, her eyes brightened. I think she felt it.

It's difficult to break the shackles of judgment. To refrain from imposing the concept that the residents in the nursing home are stuck, miserable, and suffering. To try to think that they have the power to heal, the power to choose, the power to leave their earthly realm when they wish. And yet, I know as a healer, that that is the best space I can try to hold for them and myself. To remember that I can step outside my judgments and beam unconditional love towards them. That I can choose to be in a place of joy, and try to shed that light upon them. Instead of walking through the hallways of invalids, eyes downcast in saddness, I can validate their presence with eye contact and smiles. Sharing my trust in God with them. Sharing my belief that they can be healthy and whole with them. For if I choose the former reality, then we are all stuck in it... most of all... me..... and if I choose the latter reality, then I move myself into it, and carry others with me.