Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Musings of September 2008

Greeting Fabulous Being!

I hope and trust you are well in these amazing times. Sending you a blast of Love, Light, and Well Wishes!

I will be arriving in San Francisco on Oct 21, and available there for sessions and trainings for the following 1 - 2 months. Please contact me if you would like to schedule an appointment/create a class. Please note that I will be unavailable by phone or email from Sept27-Oct21.

I am currently in Delaware having spent the past 10 months engaged in family issues; I had returned from 8 months in India and Thailand last November.


World Changes.

We are at a great opportunity for change and transformation in the world. The economic and political instabilities indicate this. I find it interesting that the economy mirrors the price of oil, and this is a great opportunity for us and our leaders to secure stability through sustainability. An energy plan based on conservation and sustainable resources such as wind would stabilize us in a flash. Urging ourselves and our leaders that we are ready for this would be an excellent start. I applaud Isreal for taking steps to become independent of oil. If each bioregion/country would do this, the world would become so much more stable.

It can be scary at times when we flounder in our individual consciousness and collective consciousness. Never has it been any more important to meditate and focus on intention rather than fear.

I think many of us, myself included, have been parsing through our consciousness as we detox mental and emotional patterns that no longer serve us. Are we really ready to choose our fully empowered BEING? Personally I have been dabbling in reverting to old versions of myself... the old familiarity of my younger years... easy enough to do when visiting family. I've oft resented my aloneness and uniqueness in my blood family particularly, as well as in the world. The way to harvest this is to share my unique gifts with the world. To break through judgements that shackle us to the freedom of BEING and sharing the full power of our BEING from the inside out.

It's such a moment to moment awareness and choice. Last Spring I was reading Thich Naht Han to my Aunt and found the most wonderful passage that said when conditions are right, things manifest. I immediatly thought of my vagabond travels and the seeming scarcity of lovers that have manifested during the past few years of travel. My idea was to step into the abundance of complete trust, that whatever I need/desire would manifest, whether Reiki clients, money, food, lovers, etc. What I have found, is that these things do indeed manifest, but not entirely magically. I have to be OPEN to them. If I am not loving of myself, and sexual of myself, then a lover is not going to manifest.

Intention takes faith, trust, clarity, and non-attachment. If we are attached to the opposing fear, then the manifestation is compromised. This doesn't mean that we are always free of fear. I remember being bitten in the dark by a venemous insect. I could feel the venom. I trembled in fear. But I had the clarity to control my thoughts, and remember to ask any toxins in my body to turn to light. I sent the unseen insect love and suggested that it could go elsewhere. I calmed myself down a bit by these thoughts. I drifted back towards sleep, when I felt a bite further up my leg. I repeated my thought process. A while later, I had to go through the process a third time. In the morning I had only a small red mark on my leg.

I have found the past couple years that my "negative" and "fear based" thoughts have risen to my consciousness... A LOT! It's been frustrating. Things I never particularly thought of in my life seem to ravage my mind. I was hiking last week and I found myself thinking how I could possibly fall on a rock and crack my head open. My head seemed rampant with fears. I came back to my intention to live healthily and actively until the day I die in my nineties. I came back to my intention to get through my hike healthily and safely. I did.

The next day I was visiting a friend and he tossed a book at me. It was Rolling Thunder by Don Boyd. I opened up to a page that talked about consciousness and thoughts. It said, our thoughts are just like food upon a table. We can choose what we think just as we choose what we eat. Further it said, we can simply say "I don't wish to have these thoughts, and I ask them to go away." Gradually, the negative thoughts will dissappear completely.

HAH! I thought and laughed at myself. I'd been moaning and complaining about my negative thoughts the past few years. I'd set some intentions to be free of them, but more often had wondered "why". Why was I having them? What was wrong with me. My friend suggested that this may even be a reflection of global consciousness, that perhaps I was picking up on. I laughed and noted how when in the mountains of primarily Buddhist culture, I find myself humming Buddhist style, while last week in the Catskills I found myself humming Christian tunes.

I realized that in my approach to the negative thoughts, I was wondering too much about "why", rather than just choosing to be done with them. "When conditions are right, things manifest." I've often noticed the same pattern with other forms of dis-ease. If I have a sore, and I think about controlling infection, then I've already given in the "battle"... relative to thinking... "oh, my body is detoxing".

In my travels the past few weeks I have experienced both and Amish community and another Christian community. I found myself seeing a sparkle in their eyes that I thinks from connection to the land, and an integrated code to live by.... conscious empowered choice. It doesn't matter so much what you believe or how you choose to live, but whether you know the code you are living by, and remember the code. Certainly, different beliefs and thoughts will create different experiences. Trusting fully in God to provide for you through magic and miracles would be different than setting intentions based on heartfelt desires. Believing that one has to work and that work is stressfull, would be different that believing that work is enjoyable and fun and gives one abundance and purpose. As I read many years ago, the shaman is aware of what reality that he/she chooses in a given moment, and also aware that he/she can choose a different reality in the next moment. So one could choose to see cold symptoms as an infection, a sign of detox, simply a pattern of being, or a welcome excuse to take a break. And one could make a different choice the next day when dealing with different symptoms.

A few weeks ago, my brother-in-law reminded me that we are Spiritual Beings choosing to have a Physical Experience. I had recently read Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, the story of a young man who steadfastly lives by his code and dies alone in the Alaskan wilderness. Some people say, "what a loss...think of what he could have done if he had lived." I say, look at what he did do... the amazing experiences he did have. Would you rather live ninety years in a chair, safe and sound, or climb the highest mountains in the world? Not that there is anything wrong with sitting in a chair... I do so myself, often... it's the consciousness to which you bring to it. What is your gift, your passion, your excitement in life? What would you like to experience while you are in this particular lifetime?

I wonder these things for myself. I find myself floating in a sea in possibility as I roam nomadically about. It can be a hard path because I have strived to be free of identity... to be empty... and yet if I am too empty, I get filled up by someone else's desires... and yet even that is a choice by me to be that empty and that available.

I look forward to seeing you in my wanderings about this Earth. I urge you to take a breath, feel your Connection, be aware of and choose your thoughts, eat what you love, do what you love... in fact whatever you do, do it out of love... and hug a tree once in a while!

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"One should never never doubt what nobody is sure about!"
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