Sunday, February 08, 2009

Lazy Physicians and Lazy Shoulders

I was doing Reiki at the clinic the other night. And a new client came in. She'd been diagnosed with "lazy shoulder". It's one of those wonderful Western medicine diagnoses which offers the patient no hope and no explanation. The doctor had told her that people sometimes get "lazy shoulders" as they grow older. The result is that they can't lift their arms out to their sides very far.

This is why I hate Western Medicine. It's not that I'm opposed to Western Medicine, or even that I think Western Medicine has nothing to offer. If John of God weren't around, I as soon go to a hospital for a broken bone or other acute physical injury. What I hate about Western Medicine is it's scientific ego... the ego that gives doctors the gall to give a diagnosis when they have no idea about what's going on with the illness and no real idea how to cure an illness. What gives them the right to put a curse on a patient?

I remember my first encounter with such things when my horse had bumps on her shoulder. The vet diagnosed them as "fibroids" and said there was nothing to be done. I looked up fibroids in the dictionary and it said, "small lumps of unknown origin".

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't know what "lazy shoulder" is either. And I didn't know exactly what was causing my client's inability to lift her arm up fully. Well, I knew is was some "pattern" of energy that she was Being, that was causing it. I also new that diagnosis wasn't as important as setting the intention for the next moment to contain a different reality. That is to say the important thing is prayer, hope, and holding space for change. Had her doctor done that, instead of pretending her world was limited to his knowledge base, he might have sent her to physical rehabilitation, yoga, or simply said, "I don't have the answer for you, look elsewhere." But instead the doctor cursed her to a life of reduced mobility.

I offered hope, I offered Reiki. One of the things I love about Reiki is that it isn't limited by diagnoses and figuring things out. It's never inappropriate to channel "Unconditional Love" for goodness sake.

I asked my client to ask her body and spirit to release the pattern creating the "lazy shoulder" and in place of that pattern to take on the pattern of perfect alignment, strength, flexibility, and mobility. I channeled some Reiki for her, and checked in. Her arm wasn't any better. So I said let's take another pass at it, and I reaffirmed her intention, and reaffirmed my own intentions for success, asking to let go of anything blocking such success. I checked in again and was thankful that my client could now lift her arm higher than before. She had set her intention and she had found ways to heal herself in front of my eyes.

Sometimes I love my "job"... watching people heal themselves in front of my eyes!