Sunday, May 10, 2009

Intention Management

I try to subscribe to the reality that the Universe unconditionally supports us in our intentions, gives us something better, and/or only our best intentions get heard.

The challenge then becomes keeping track of our intentions, so that we see what we manifest. And, also, given that in quantum reality form follows thought, being aware of what reality we anchor to in a given moment.

Perhaps we have been trying to get together with a friend for months and on the day of our appointment, he calls to say he can't make it. If we anchor into our thought of "oh, we are never going to get together", we might prematurely give up, and not look for or see when we can get together. Suppose it just doesn't work out. We then have the opportunity to anchor to a reality of disappointment... maybe getting down on ourselves for not having enough friends, etc... or we might think, "the Universe provide just who I need to be with at the right time", and trust that it just wasn't the right time to get together with the particular friend.

Another complication with intentions is that we ask for something, then forget we asked for it, or exactly what we asked for. We ask for a quiet weekend at home, then in the middle of the quiet weekend wonder why our friends aren't calling us. Once I asked for a travel companion to get me from Thailand to the Himalayan region of Ladakh in India. I almost asked for a "boyfriend", but then modified my request to a good lover. I also had intentions for learning better how to shift reality. A few hours later I met a bi Aussie guy who was looking for a tantric teacher. My experience with erotic Reiki formed enough of a basis for our intentions to overlap. Really, he was more than I could asked for as far as a companion, lover, friend, peer, student, and teacher. He helped me navigate my first travel in India. We enjoyed many crazy mystical experiences together. We definitely channeled some very heightened Tantric states. Our relationship started to crumble a bit when we got to Ladakh. The overlap of our intentions began to disintegrate as we found we had different interests. I wanted to trek and was interested in a group of wandering clowns, wizards, magicians. He was less interested in trekking, was overwhelmed with the tantric states we were achieving, and more interested in hanging out with other travelers. We tried to stick it out and picked up some other traveling companions. But the new situations weren't really meeting my intentions or desires. Our new group was attached to me, as was he. In hindsight, had I remembered my intentions and had the courage to stick with them, I would have realized it was time for us to part in Ladakh. I had asked for a quasi-lover to get me to Ladakh... and that part went smoothly. I had intentions for trekking that weren't getting met with the new group in the present. I made the conscious choice to stay with them in hopes that the mystical states would continue, mistakenly thinking that those states were dependent on my traveling mate.

My view of connections with people is very unconditional and here and now. I tend to have explosive (in a good way connections) where a lot of magic is exchanged and once that is completed, a separation until we have something to share/exchange together again. I see my life as a giant flow of Reiki... like a Reiki session on a grand scale. Just as in Reiki I may touch someones knee for a while, then move my hands to channel Reiki to their feet or head, in my life I touch a person for a while and then move on, to come back later, or not. It's all good, to highest good, Divine, and efficient. My new traveling companions and quasi lover were quite attached to the idea of keeping me along. The Aussie Bloke occasionally writes and asks if I am going to come visit him. When I feel a pull of energy, a sense that our intentions are overlapping again, then I shall. But as intense and wonderful as the time we shared together was, I know better than to try to force it or expect it again.

In hindsight, which is always 20/20, I see how had I kept better track of my intentions I might have made different choices and created different experiences. More importantly, had I remembered my intentions, I might have spared myself some suffering. That's not to say I didn't have some marvelous experiences, or that what I did end up doing wasn't perfect in it's own way... just that I might have made it easier on myself.

Now, more than ever, it is important to keep track of your intentions, be clear in what you ask for, because things are moving fast now. It is a time of great cleansing and healing transformation upon the Earth. Muddled thoughts and intentions are getting thrown into our faces.

Remember that no matter what you can always tap into Unconditional Love and Joy, even when it seems you are not getting what you want or asked for... then re-hone your intentions, and ask again. Navigate through your intentions with grace and perspective. Maybe you ask for a job that fits a variety of constraints/intentions, and get your eyes set on a particular job. It is fine to set your intention for that particular job. But if the job doesn't work out, it is important to relax your intention to that of manifesting the right job for you... and trust that if that job had been the right one, you would have gotten it. At the same time, it is important to make sure you are not blocking your self from the job with counter thoughts, such as not being good enough, etc. "Above" the job intention, might be the intention to channel a certain amount of money, housing, food, etc. And, "above" that is loving yourself unconditionally, choosing to tap into Unconditional Joy regardless of your job, etc.

I urge you to create a book... the book that will be your Truth. The credos that you live by. The things that inspire you. The stories of your life that have brought you the greatest joy. And also a record of your current intentions, so that you can see what you manifest, and modify your intentions as needed. A book of things you are grateful for is also useful, as is a book of affirmations, reflecting the current patterns you are incorporating into your way of Being.

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