Monday, May 18, 2009

New Self Service Distance Reiki

Beautiful Ones!

I am excited to offer a new service: Self Service Distance Reiki Sessions. I've organized a series of Reiki sessions/transmissions that you can receive whenever you like, where ever you like. Whether that means a five minute blast of Reiki while you are at work, a 60 minute session later while you are in the comfort of your own bed, or perhaps while you are meditating on a mountain top. I've put together a collection of specific energy transmissions for specific goals, such as Clarity, Inner Peace, Physical Healing, Erotic Energy, etc. Or you can also order a custom blend of every thing to adapt to what is just right for you. You can order a 5 min, 20 min, 30 min, or 60 min. session, or a package of multiple or unlimited sessions for a week or lifetime. You can also incorporate your own specific intentions into a session. You can also gather a group together to receive a group healing at one time...a great way to share and economize!

All sessions channel Unconditional Love, Joy, Empowerment, Abundance, and Enlightenment, to help you align with your Authentic Self/Highest Spirit, both balancing and activating your Kundalini to bring you to your Oneness. All sessions communicate with you psychicly/telepathically bring your guidance from your Highest Spirit, spoken in the Language of the Universe.

Self Service Reiki sessions provide the same quality energy work that I deliver in person or via distance, except you can order the session exactly when and where you need it. No need to contact me to schedule the sessions. No need to inform me of your intentions. Simply make a payment via your bank, credit card, or paypal account, and choose when and where for yourself that you would like to receive your session(s).

Self Service Reiki sessions are very affordable starting at only $5! Payment plans are available for packages costing $100 or more. Unlimited Packages also include free email/phone consultation(s) for metaphysical counseling and intention guidance.

I'm offering an Introductory Special until the end of May. Purchase any session and receive a free upgrade to the next level of service. Simply select a package and pay for it by midnight on May 31, 2009, and you will automatically receive a free upgrade.

Full Details at:

Coming soon, I will have family/household/couple options, as well as sessions for plants, pets, and businesses. I will also be offering stone/crystal/sacred object cleansing and charging services, as well as a service to charge a special chair, massage table, or room with Reiki energies.

And, finally, I am still in San Francisco and available for in person sessions there. I'm still hoping to head to S.E. Asia and follow my Spirit's beck and call to Ladakh this summer, but have not received guidance upon exactly when that will occur. Make an appointment soon if you hope to see me before I leave San Francisco.

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