Thursday, May 14, 2009

Harvesting the Times of the Changing Economy

This is an inspirational post I sent to a non-profit that I work with that has been going through challenging budget cuts, layoffs, and restructuring. I thought it might be useful to you all. It's very important now to focus on our own personal alignment with our truths, for any inconsistencies are getting tested. In order to maintain inner peace, it is important to look for opportunity. Yes, things are changing... and we have creativity to find new solutions. Look for your creativity. Look for the open doors, build new doorways, find your resilience. Expand your intentions. Regroup them. What opportunity do you have to grow?

We are merely witnessing examples of major impermanence. It's nothing new historically. We not only have a large historical wisdom to tap into to see how our ancestors dealt with change, but we also have new wisdom and technologies. Look for your role models... how do you want to go through these times? we can't change the Present, but we can change our reaction to it, and choose how we co-create the next moment.


Just sending you all a blast of Reiki distance energy for you to receive right now wherever you are, or in the comfort of your own home whenever you like, that you know, feel, and trust you are connected to the Divine Grid of Life, in spite of the change and impermanence that abounds. Know that "this too, shall pass". Know that somehow every thing is perfect, though it may seem very awry. Know that you are Divinely Appreciated and loved Unconditionally... forget the should-a, would-a, could-a's. We all have been doing our best. Let's focus on co-creating the next moment, rather than shackling ourselves to judgments. or the past. Let's Be Here Now and focus on what we can do to create our next moments, individually, and collectively, for ourselves, our community, the world.

Let's transmute the difficult challenges and changes in the Present into a Gift and an opportunity to harvest our experiences. Let's focus on the opportunity it affords us, rather than bitterness and blame from unrequited expectations of ourselves or others or the universe. As we take the blessing of this momentary pause, change, and transformation from the "normal business as usual", let's focus on the gift of the time to reflect upon what has truly been working for each of us, for our livelyhood, and for the community that we serve. Let's take time to reflect on our personal intentions and how the overlap with those of our business and our community. Let's take time to reflect on the goals and intentions of our business and see how they best serve our community. Let's harvest the hard lessons of what has not worked well along with what has worked well. Let's reflect on our past services and practices and how they have served or not served us and our community. Let's use this time constructively to improve ourselves, our business, and our community. Let's focus on supporting ourselves and each other in our highest dreams/intentions. Let's focus on re-designing ourselves and our business to reflect our insights, while we have the time to do so.

Part of what the current era/times are about is really getting Ourselves aligned with our passions and highest Spirit. Continuing to do what really hasn't been aligned with our personal Truths and Passions, is no longer going to work. Our inconsistencies with ourselves, individually and collectively, are currently being magnified so that we can see them and take care of them and really move into ways of Being that are True to Ourselves.

Let's pray for our Abundance and Enlightenment all around, and set our sights on our brightest dreams and goals.

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